West Indies cricket September 18, 2008

The importance of being Shiv

Chanderpaul has an iron will to succeed © Getty Images

In keeping with the changing face of cricket, a few exponents of the modern-day game have defied all the rules on their path to glory. A.K.S Satish waxes eloquent on ICC Cricketer of the Year, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, in this piece in Gulf News.

It is common knowledge that a batsman should stick to the basic principles of cricket coaching of a side-on stance, head still and straight back-lift to be most effective.

However, the West Indian has not adhered to any of this - he has an open stance, shuffles from leg to middle as the bowler runs in, and his back-lift emerges somewhere from thirdman.

Yet, he is a success. A huge success.