England cricket February 18, 2009

Watching the Ashes for free

Ashes tickets are likely to be rarer than hen's teeth this summer, but there is one way Britons (and probably Australians too) can watch the Ashes without parting with any notes: by becoming a ground steward at Lord's. Not only do you get the Ashes, but the ICC World Twenty20 too. Admittedly, the role does include the less than savoury prospect of coping with thousands of drunk English fans (and probably Australians too), but the upside is surely too sweet.

Lord's has already received 1200 formal applications, "more than the total we received for the entire season in 2008" which comes as no surprise. And they're open to more, too. "There are a variety of stewarding roles within the ground such as the media centre, members and friends enclosures, turnstile operators, scorecard sellers and of course, the famous pavilion.

"Despite the record number of applications we'd always welcome more."

Requirements are pleasantly slim: "Interested applicants must be physically fit and over the age of 18." Don't all rush at once (a phrase you will learn at the training day)

Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo