Bermuda February 27, 2009

The signs are good for Bermuda

Adrian Robson has been following Bermuda's progress during their warm-up tour of West Indies

Adrian Robson has been following Bermuda's progress during their warm-up tour of West Indies. The results, he says, are encouraging.

But a side almost unrecognisable from that which competed in the World Cup in Trinidad in 2007 has suddenly grown in stature.

What has been most encouraging in the last few weeks is the improvement in so many areas, notably the top order.

For years Logie has struggled to find an opening partnership, to build a foundation which would allow the rest of the batsmen to get into a comfort zone and play their normal game. Too often the middle order have been forced to play off the back foot, playing with caution just to ensure some kind of respectable total.

Now with the likes of Chris Douglas, Stephen Outerbridge, Fiqre Crockwell, even the swashbuckling Lionel Cann, all relishing the prospect of dismantling the opponents' bowling attack, the rest of the bats are being given a chance to play with more freedom.

The Royal Gazette has the full piece.

Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo

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  • testli5504537 on March 3, 2009, 6:11 GMT

    I just love seeing the scores and match results from the smaller cricket nations and I wish countries like Bermuda and Afghanistan and other minnow nations to always enjoy the game with the hope of one day playing the top nations. I'd love to see these teams playing one off matches against some of the top nations, no matter what the result. And I hope the Bermuda batsmen emulate the West Indian sides of past ages with lots of swashbuckling batting and fast bowling and the odd leg spinner too!!! Cheers from downunda...

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