Women's World Cup, 2009 March 9, 2009

We have been waiting for years to beat Sri Lanka

I promised to the people of Pakistan ahead of today’s game against Sri Lanka that we would bounce back and I don’t think anybody could have expected a better performance than the one we put in today

Can I begin by thanking everybody for their comments and messages on my last blog. I read all of your words of encouragement and it was very much appreciated following the disappointment of Saturday’s defeat to India.

I promised to the people of Pakistan ahead of today’s game against Sri Lanka that we would bounce back and I don’t think anybody could have expected a better performance than the one we put in today. I said at the weekend, after our loss against India, that we didn’t play up to our potential and that we would be fine if we got things right in all three key departments – batting, bowling and fielding – and that is what we did today.

We have been waiting for years to beat Sri Lanka and it was the perfect day to win – the first time a Pakistan side had won in 19 matches against them and the first time Pakistan has won a match at the ICC Women’s World Cup. To be part of this moment of history and to captain the side makes me extremely proud. We know we have taken a vital step towards making it to the Super Six stage now, as Sri Lanka faces a difficult last match against India, so it is extremely exciting that we may get a chance to face the likes of Australia and New Zealand next week.

After registering a decent total against Sri Lanka, which could have been higher if any of the girls who got good starts had gone onto make a big score, we knew that we had to take early wickets. I got an excellent response from all of my bowlers, having made a conscious decision to hold back Asmavia Iqbal from the opening overs, and once we got some early breakthroughs I was always confident of victory.

There were a few tears coming out of my eyes at the end and it was a special moment to get this win in front of my parents. My father has really helped me with my game, while my mother is always very supportive of what I do.

To celebrate the victory tonight, some of the team are going to come out for dinner with my parents, while other players will be with their families, before we gather all together at the hotel for a celebration later on. We won’t go too crazy though as we know we have another important group match on Thursday.

We are all really looking forward to playing against England in our next match and I am excited that the game will be broadcast live on television. I hope that people at home will tune in to watch the match so that we can prove to people in Pakistan that women can play cricket.

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  • testli5504537 on April 25, 2009, 0:29 GMT

    pakistani team play well and some players are beautifull and i like some one

  • testli5504537 on March 24, 2009, 13:04 GMT

    Great job! Keep it up. try to tackle spinners more. keep practicing spinners in the nets. If u over come this weakness no matter u can reach the final of any international competition. Once again heartiest congratulations

  • testli5504537 on March 17, 2009, 9:18 GMT

    Congratulations Urooj This is the very good work for Paistan to Create Girls Teams Thanks Again.

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2009, 13:40 GMT

    Very well done, Urooz!! I'm an Indian and wanna tell u tht I'm surprised to see a Pakistani women's cricket team. Tht itself a biggest achievement!!! Keep it up!!!

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2009, 10:27 GMT

    Hello Urooj.We must appriciate that being a female member of pakistan soceity what job you and your team are doing for us. being a fan of the game and living in lahore, we had a terrible time in recent past which we all want to forget and your team is helping us to forget all that. Pakistan's particiaption in worldcup itself is an achievement for us , as it would raise our image as broad minded and sports loving nation. on the other hand any scuccess (which you already achieved)would motivate parents(like me)to encourage thier daughters to be more active in sports. Pay my warm regards to entire team and wish you luck for coming matches. for me you win or loose the coming matches, your job has already been accomplished. best regards, Rizwan.

  • testli5504537 on March 11, 2009, 3:23 GMT

    Well done! You girls made all Pakistan not only proud but brought a long awaited smile on every face. Good luck!... Cha Jao!! :-)

  • testli5504537 on March 10, 2009, 13:14 GMT

    Urooj Mumtaz Khan.....congratulations this is really big and amazing...i am soo happy for you....you guys finally did it woohooo i just hope and pray that u guys can make it to the super 6 now :) all the best and praying for u always woohooo

  • testli5504537 on March 10, 2009, 9:58 GMT

    Well done girls!! You've really made us all proud :) Best of luck for the upcoming matches!

  • testli5504537 on March 10, 2009, 2:13 GMT

    Hi Urooj, Great WIN, You and your team has showed everyone that anything is possible. This is a great way to respond to the defeat against india. For Pakistan women's cricket team participating in the world cup is a victory in it's own. But to win a game so strongly is astonishing. To be honest can't see Pakistan winning to many games, but the confidence they have gained from this victory should show in the remaining games. They need to play a game were the other teams will not take them lightly. I wish u all the best of luck in the remaining games as well as the future, as hopefully we'll get more girls interested in the game of cricket, after they have seen this victory against Srilanka.

  • testli5504537 on March 10, 2009, 1:36 GMT

    Yay - way to go girls! Congratulations. We are extremely proud of you all. Keep it up! You are in our prayers.

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