August 11, 2009

West Indies cricket

Trinidad and Tobago's boycott of the WICB

Ashwin Achal

The Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) has boycotted an important meeting of the WICB. This is a clear indication that the TTCB has not fallen in line with the WICB's hardline position against the first choice players. CaribbeanCricket asks if this boycott could lead to many more boycotts from other islands, and if West Indies cricket is breaking into fragments.

Further it is no secret that the TTCB president, Deryck Murray – the former Windies wicketkeeper and vice captain – harbours ambitions to take over the WICB presidency. The Murray led boycott may have been engineered to demonstrate in no uncertain terms its unhappiness and disenchantment with Hunte’s leadership. However the boycott brings into focus a growing disinterest in West Indies cricket as a result of the WICB’s hard lined position against the players, particularly the established players.

David Hinds, also in CaribbeanCricket, writes on three major issues - Trinidad and Tobago's secession calls, the captaincy of West Indies and the importance of cricket outside the boundary.


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