United States of America January 11, 2011

Cricket's oldest rivalry revisited

No, it's not the Ashes

No, it's not the Ashes. Instead Randy Boswell in the Montreal Gazette looks at the history of cricket between Canada and the United States.

"It was the world’s first documented nation-versus-nation sporting event, a September 1844 contest in New York City between Canada and the United States.

No, not baseball. Not hockey. Cricket. That’s right — flat bat, wickets and whites.

Now, 167 years after the landmark match that blazed a trail for soccer’s World Cup and the Olympics — including Sidney Crosby’s gold-medal moment against the U.S. at last year’s Winter Games in Vancouver — the two countries that made sports history at Manhattan’s long-disappeared Bloomingdale Park are poised to revive their cricketing rivalry in a head-to-head series this spring."

Sahil Dutta is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo