Rwanda December 14, 2011

Appeal to build Rwanda a home

A charity appeal has been launched to build Rwanda their first cricket stadium

A charity appeal has been launched to build Rwanda their first cricket stadium. The appeal, supported by the MCC foundation, hopes to raise £400,000 to build the stadium by 2014. Rwanda currently has no adequate facilities for international cricket.

Cricket is one of the fastest-growing sports in Rwanda and the new stadium will provide training facilities for all age groups as well as to host international matches. British Prime Minister David Cameron and broadcaster Jonathan Agnew have thrown their support behind the appeal.

Managing director of Rwanda cricket stadium foundation, Oli Broom, who completed a 13,670-mile solo charity cycle from London to Brisbane before the last Ashes series, said he excited about building a lasting home for Rwanda cricket. “I have spent a lot of the past two years discovering cricket in far flung corners of the world and have witnessed the educating and uniting influence it can be for children and adults.”

“Cricket has played an important role in Rwanda’s healing process post-genocide. Our focus is to build a stadium for all Rwandans, providing a home not only for the men’s and women’s national teams but also a facility enabling the development of the next generation of Rwandan cricketers,” said Broom.

"It is always heartening to hear of cricket spreading its roots to unfamiliar territory and bringing so much pleasure to new players and spectators,” said Agnew. “Given Rwanda's troubled past, I am sure cricket can play a strong role in bringing the people of Rwanda together."