May 23, 2012

Tendulkar's Rajya Sabha oath: What's the hurry?

Carlyle Laurie

Sachin Tendulkar’s decision to play in the IPL and delay an appearance in the Rajya Sabha to be sworn in as nominated MP has prompted some to criticise him. MJ Akbar says in India Today that there’s no reason for Tendulkar to hurry in to take his oath as his nomination did not come with a sell-by date.

Parliamentary fundamentalists are upset that Sachin has not rushed to eat sugared toast and drink semi-sipid coffee in Central Hall. But no one has answered a basic question: What's the hurry? His nomination did not come with a sell-by date. Nor is Sachin in any haste to shake the nation and wake the Government with fiery oratory on the impending collapse of telecom infrastructure.

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