June 14, 2012

West Indies cricket

Ramdin should be praised not pilloried

Carlyle Laurie

Denesh Ramdin was fined 20% of his match fee for his paper-waving protest directed at Viv Richards after reaching his century in the third Test against England. Amol Rajan, writing in the Independent, says Ramdin should be praised not pilloried for using the moment to answer his critics.

The celebration of a milestone is precisely the moment to hit out at critics and send messages to the world. Ramdin, being an innovative, tenacious type, articulated that message using pen and paper. And where is the harm? Sir Viv, who never wore a helmet when batting, can cope with a public rebuke. Then some argue this is a slippery slope: if we allow players to get away with waving paper, soon they'll be mooning at fans. Like all slippery-slope reasoning, this is playground philosophy.

The Trinidad Express says Ramdin must have realised his folly after getting no support for his paper-waiving. It says he will be remembered for it the next time he bats for West Indies.

Unfortunately, his public posturing on the pitch will be remembered by everyone who witnessed it, both at the ground and live on television, and it will put Mr Ramdin under more pressure the next time he comes to the wicket.

By keeping his calm and taking the criticism (by Vivian Richards) in the way it was intended, he would have avoided all the barbs thrown his way in the wake of his fit of pique.


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