July 6, 2012


'Improving umpiring standards should be ICC's priority'

Abhishek Mukherjee

WV Raman, writing for Sportstar, questions ICC's repeated proposals to allow mandatory utilisation of DRS, saying the ICC needed to instead look at the objective of improving umpiring.

There are several detractors of the BCCI for its stance on the DRS but one wonders why the ICC has to repeatedly bring up a subject that is not likely to gain unanimous approval. Besides, while the BCCI is made to appear as the villain of the DRS piece, what is not highlighted is the fact that the countries that are in favour of the DRS have asked the ICC to sort out the “grey areas” which include absorption of the cost of DRS technology and the ambit of the technology as well.

In their enthusiasm to get the DRS in place, the ICC has missed out on the fact that it needs to look at ways and means to have umpires who commit the least mistakes in its panel. The evaluation of the umpires’ performance needs to be revamped if one goes by the ordinary standard of umpiring seen in recent times.

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