September 14, 2012

English cricket

Tim Ambrose's dark days

Nikita Bastian

Warwickshire wicketkeeper Tim Ambrose talks to the Daily Telegraph's Steve James about his long battle against depression.

“I was wasting my time and everyone else’s,” he says, “I was at rock bottom. I didn’t have a great network – I’d moved across the world from my family and dedicated everything to cricket. There were things that were making life very difficult for me on a daily basis. The idea of playing cricket just seemed absurd.”

Ambrose needed help. He rang a sports psychologist who had done some work with Warwickshire. They met at a motorway service station. She asked some questions. Four hours later Ambrose was still talking. He even received a parking ticket. But it was worth it. He had begun his path back, however rocky it has been.


Nikita Bastian is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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