December 7, 2012

New Zealand cricket

NZC board must resign

In the Weekend Herald, David Leggat notes the poor timing of New Zealand's decision to tell Ross Taylor of a change of captaincy, and argues that having been in charge since mid-2011, he had hardly been given a fair chance at the position.

Taylor has always appealed as a decent man, possibly not ideally suited in all respects to the job. But there's ways and means to make change. People should be treated with respect. Whichever way NZC try to slice it, there's been little shown to Taylor.

In the same paper, Leggat and Dylan Cleaver look back at a captaincy saga that has been going on for three years, while an editorial argues that the entire board of New Zealand Cricket must resign.

Ben Stanley of Fairfax NZ suggests New Zealand missed the perfect time to make the captaincy change - when Hesson took over as coach.

There was a window after Hesson was appointed when it could have been made. People would have grumbled but got on with the job. The Black Caps are, after all, ranked outside the top seven in all forms of the international game. That window has come and gone, and the fact New Zealand Cricket has left this situation so long has made it so awkward, and such a PR disaster.


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