Ranji Trophy 2012-13, QF January 8, 2013

Ranji Trophy 2012-13, Quarter-finals, Day 3

Services (toss) 263 (Paliwal 112, Rajpoot 5-61) and 116 for 5 (Chatterjee 34*, Paliwal 32*, Rajpoot 5-36) beat UP 134 (Imtiaz 53*, Nazar 5-51, Nishan 3-44) and 241 (Srivastava 54, Alam 50, Yadav 7-71) by five wickets in Indore

Services (toss) 263 (Paliwal 112, Rajpoot 5-61) and 116 for 5 (Chatterjee 34*, Paliwal 32*, Rajpoot 5-36) beat UP 134 (Imtiaz 53*, Nazar 5-51, Nishan 3-44) and 241 (Srivastava 54, Alam 50, Yadav 7-71) by five wickets in Indore

Karnataka 396 (Pandey 177, Uthappa 60, Makvana 3-91) trail Saurashtra (toss) 469 (Vasavada 152*, Jackson 83) by 73 in Rajkot

Baroda 167 for 5 trail Mumbai (toss) 645 for 9 decl. (Jaffer 150, Nayar 132, Tendulkar 108, Tare 64) by 478 in Mumbai

Punjab 150 for 1 (Jiwanjot 77*) trail Jharkhand (toss) 401 (Jaggi 132, Nemat 100, Ladda 4-118) by 251 in Jamshedpur

4.58pm - Stumps updates Saurashtra have taken lead in Rajkot. Says Sid Ravindran: "Taken and Pandey is the last man dismissed, as he looked to launch the ball over long-off. Once again Unadkat takes a superb tumbling catch, the batsman stays in the middle wondering whether that was a clean catch, the fielder indicates it is and the umpires are convinced as well, and a top innings comes to an end. Saurashtra are jubilant as they have taken the first-innings lead.

Amol Karhadkar from Jamshedpur: "And the light meter is out for the first time. The longest day of the quarterfinal is over. And Punjab would be more than pleased with the proceedings. 150 for 1"

In Mumbai, Baroda have gone from 102 for 0 to 167 for 5 in one session. Mumbai almost assured of a place in the semi-final

That's all from us for today. The day belongs to Services. Do join us tomorrow. Cheers

4.50pm - Sid Ravindran in Rajkot

And one more. Jadeja doing the trick again for Saurashtra. He had Appanna fumbling outside off several times this over before knocking over the off stump. He has covered his face in frustration plenty of times this session after a loud appeal is turned down, not this time though as he sets off on a celebratory run. Karnataka 396/9

4.45pm - Sid Ravindran in Rajkot

Mithun trapped lbw off the backfoot by Jadeja. Karnataka lose their eighth, and the partnership ends on 80. Pandey is still there though and Karnatka are nearing 400. Another four overs remaining. Karnataka 392 for 8, trailing by 77

4.35pm - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

The partnership has swelled to 77, and Mithun has just ponched Jaidev Unadkat straight down the ground for four. The score is 383. Can Karnataka sneak a first-innings lead here? Pandey 170 not out. Deficit under 100

4.30pm - Yusuf Afridi goes This was a freight train coming. Yusuf Pathan has been swinging at everything, and has survived for a bit, but now he toe-ends a short ball from Agarkar to mid-on. They are 150 for 5 now. In comes Rayudu

4.27pm - Mumbai keep striking Kedar Devdhar gone now. Plumb lbw to left-arm spin of Dabholkar. Baroda 150 for 4. Mumbai are on their way to facing Services

Pinal Shah is the new man in, and I think Rayudu will be allowed to bat only at No. 7 after he spent time off the field with his viral infection

4.25pm - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

Harbhajan Singh is spending some quite moments on his own. With a red pouch in hand, the Punjab captain is feeding pigeons in an empty stand. While Bhajji is feeding pigeons, Punjab coach Arun Sharma, a vegetarian, has been feeding chicken to two dogs ever since the preview day. "Main nahi kha paata, inko toh khilata hoon," he says. No wonder then that both the dogs have been wandering around the park like extra fielders all through the match. Punjab 130 for 1, Jiwanjot 65 not out

4.07pm - Siddarth Ravindran from Rajkot

For the second time in the day, a straight drive is palmed on to the stumps by the bowler. Abhimanyu Mithun faced a nervous wait for the third umpire's decision. As the minutes tick by, the handful of spectators should 'out de do, out de do,' but the third umpire doesn't. Mithun stays. Karnataka 361 for 7. Pandey 155, partnership 55

4.05pm - All's well with the world Jiwanjot Singh is back to his run-scoring ways. Says Amol: "Jiwanjot raises his bat for a well-made fifty, his sixth of the season. Mind you, he has converted four of his earlier five into hundreds. Beware Jharkhand. Punjab 115 for 1"

4pm - Tare will be relieved Waghmode, missed on 45, has gifted away his wicket on 53. He stays back and tries to a punch a ball that is rising towards the chest, and all he manages is an outside edge. Waghmode gone for 53. Baroda 120 for 3. No Rayudu or Yusuf Pathan so far. Who will walk in next?

Yusuf Pathan it is. Rayudu, I know, has been struggling with a viral infection

3.57pm - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

The Bangla duo next to me is now busy discussing the regional politics in their beloved state. "It's a party of lumpans," one of them says. And if I spell out which party he was referring to, not just him but even I will be detained the moment we get off at the Howrah junction on our way back from Tatanagar. Punjab 105 for 1. Jiwanjot on 44

3.55pm - Waghmode gets fifty Aditya Waghmode has reached 53, and he needs a big innings to give Baroda any chance here. Was missed on 45 by Tare. Baroda 117 for 2

3.50pm - Saurashtra crowd Karnataka Says Sid Ravindran: "An appeal a minute now in Rajkot, either for lbw or caught-behind. Mithun still surviving however. Karnataka 346 for 7, a partnership of 40"

3.45pm - Tare misses stumping If only Tare's keeping was as keen as his appealing. Misses an easy stumping that would have sent back the other opener, Waghmode for 45. Dabholkar is the unfortunate bowler. Baroda 105 for 1. Abhimanyu Chauhan, at the other end, has faced 20 balls and is yet to get off the mark

And Chauhan is gone for 0 off 21. Dhawal Kulkarni breaks through his defence. Umpires check for a no-ball, and he is fine. Caught on the crease when looking to defend off the front foot, leaves a gate open, and the ball sneaks through. Baroda 109 for 2

3.40pm - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

Injury time! Taruwar Kohli's well-timed pul shot off a short ball from Sunny Gupta rams straight into Kumar Deobrat's legs and he goes down. It takes him almost five minutes to be on his feet and take the long walk back to the pavilion with the physio's help. It will do over rate more harm, which is already disastrous. Punjab 97 for 1.

3.35pm - Focus on the other close match Says Sid Ravindran: "Close call for Manish Pandey there. He launches Jadeja towards long-off and doesn't seem to have got enough on it, but though Aarpit Vasavada clung on to that, he also stepped over the rope. A roar of frustration from the bowler, who is on his haunches in disappointment. Karnataka 337 for 7. Partnership 31 now"

3.20pm - Karnataka lose another CK Gowtham is gone now. Vishal Joshi gets him. The last five minutes belong to Vishals, says our new colleague Vishal Dixit. Karnataka 314 for 7

More from Sid Ravindran: "Almost every over the spinners are beating the bat here. Dharmendrasinh Jadeja has his hands on his head as he can't believe one of those didn't take the edge. Saurashtra do get the wicket, though, thanks to a fine diving low catch at long-on by Jaidev Unadkat to dismiss K Gowtham."

3.15pm - Baroda reach 100, but lose Wakaskar With a square cut off Dabholkar, Saurabh Wakaskar reaches fifty off 120 balls, and brings up the team's and the partnership's hundred in the 39th over. And wait... Dabholkar gets Wakaskar. Edged away to the right of slip where Wasim Jaffer makes a difficult catch look easy. Baroda 102 for 1. Pushed at length ball that didn't turn in to him

3pm - As we wait for more from Indore A look back at the match. I must admit my first reaction when I saw the draw was this is going to be a walkover, but what a match from Services. Suraj Yadav followed his 10-for in the previous match with seven in the second innings here. Shadab Nazar got five in the first. And the batting Paliwal. I know Chatterjee will be getting all the plaudits, but what an effort from Paliwal over both the innings. UP have been beaten, but they are one of the most entertaining sides of Ranji Trophy. Not today but over the years. Well done, both sides

2.40pm - Another wicket for Saurashtra While we wait for Abhishek to come back with a description of Services' celebrations, here is an update from Rajkot: After hitting a four and a six, Amit Verma has been dismissed in the same over. Outside edge through to the keeper, and the ball lodges itself between the keeper's pads. The umpires confer, and he is give. Some relief for Jadeja who has been going at a run a ball. Karnataka 292 for 6. And 296 for 6 at tea

Also Jharkhand get a wicket. Says Amol: "Jharkhand finally strike minutes before tea. Ravi Inder edges Nadeem and Manish Vardhan takes a diving catch in the slips. 75 for 1. Taruwar Kohli opens his account with a straight driven boundary and then plays out the remaining two balls to take Punjab into tea at 79 for 1"

Baroda go into tea at 93 for 0

2.32pm - Services' shaurya comes through Reports AP: "Chatterjee ends the game by stepping out, yes stepping out, to Murtaza and dispatching him over mid-on. He takes out the middle stumps, and roars, holds his arms aloft as he is engulfed by his team-mates. Wing Commander Bhaskar hugs him tight. Now he is carried off the field by his teammates. They can do that much for him"

2.30pm - Services can see the win now Says Abhishek P: "A drive between extra cover and mid off for four by Chatterjee now off Murtaza. And next ball an outside edge flies close to slip. Services 106 for 5. need just seven more."

2.25pm - More on Pandey's hundred Says Sid Ravindran: "Manish Pandey gets his first hundred of the season. It has been a long wait for him, and he still has plenty to do in this game if Karnataka are to stand a chance of progressing. He savours the moment as some of the support staff capture it on video. The follow-on has been avoided, and Amit Verma is also opening out now. Karnataka 286 for 5

2.21pm - Amol in Jamshedpur

Dr Rajiv Jaggi, Ishank's father, is watching the proceedings from the Keenan gallery. He didn't turn up on the first two days when his son was milking the Punjab bowlers. "I usually avoid watching him bat," he says. "The last time I saw him bat was against Kerala, when Sreesanth was bowling. He got out on 1." Punjab openers, meanwhile, are hardly in trouble as they have cruised to 68 for no loss. Jiwanjot Singh has joined the 800-club for the season.

2.20pm - Kaif throws the ball to Chawla That's the mistake of the match. Kaif taking the huge risk giving the ball to the unimpressive Chawla. And in his first over he has been hit for a huge six by Paliwal. Surely this is Services' game right now? They are 97 for 5. Only 16 required

And now it's part-timer Parwinder Singh who has the ball

2.15pm - Abhishek Purohit in Indore

A salute to Soumik Chatterjee, he pulled Rajpoot for four over square leg earlier, and has now pulled Tyagi over deep square leg for six. The 100-odd spectators shouting "chalo, sainik". The Services dressing room going "come on, dada". Chatterjee now 16 with two fours and a six, and Paliwal has 25. Services 91 for 5, need another 22

2.10pm - Services steady again Now we have had 8.4 overs without a wicket. Chatterjee has hit two fours in his 10 not out. How important is this going to be? Paliwal is unbeaten on 20. Services now need 33. UP desperate for a wicket

2.08pm - Pandey stands up Manish Pandey has reached his hundred, and is keeping Karnataka alive. It has come off just 124 balls, and has included 10 fours and two sixes. Karnataka 260 for 5. Trail by 209

1.55pm - Partnership, sort of The injured Chatterjee, who will not be allowed a runner under the new rules, has hit a boundary in his 6 off 17. Paliwal is on 14. The two have added 16. Services 70 for 5, need another 43. Nineteen overs into the innings, Kaif has used only two bowlers: Rajpoot and Imtiaz. Hopefully the ball stays away from Piyush Chawla

1.50pm - More ridiculous appealing in Mumbai This is almost the level of MS Dhoni, Kumar Sangakkara and Stuart Broad. Aditya Tare it is again as the ball goes nowhere near the bat as Waghmode weaves out of the way of a short ball. Clearly off the shirt. Well done Umpire Srinath. Baroda 55 for 0

1.45pm - Some thoughts While other teams are busy playing for first-innings leads at their home venues, the only good match of the round is coming at a neutral venue. Says a lot about how Ranji is played. Not that I am surprised, which is why I always maintain that the last two rounds of a Ranji Trophy are the best two rounds

And I know it seems crazy for Chatterjee to have come out and bat, and it might seem blind courage, but I feel it is not without sense. Firstly he wants to weather the storm and the momentum, and secondly he knows the keeper Sarabjit Singh can hit a few, so if he can stay there till the target comes down to 30 or so, he gives Sarabjit a great advantage

1.40pm - Baroda steady Half way through the middle session, and Baroda have hardly seemed in truble, and have reached 50 for 0 after 19 overs. A long long way to go, though

1.35pm - Abhishek Purohit from Indore

This is nearly insane ... Chatterjee has flicked one to fine leg, and tried hobbling across for the single, halfway through he gives up, and then hops on his right leg to the other end, single taken, the kind of pain he must be in can only be imagined. And he's done the same again, this time Paliwal pushing one wide of extra cover, Chatterjee has had to hurry in the end as the fielder gets to the ball. This is excruciating to even watch. Services 56 for 5

1.26pm - Rajpoot, you beauty And Rajpoot has another. Make it five. UP coming back from the dead. What a team. Services 54 for 5

Says Abhishek Purohit: "The Services captain Chatterjee, with an injured knee, has dragged himself out to the middle. This time UP keeper Dwivedi does not welcome him with a pat on the back, unlike he did in the last innings. Dwivedi walks over and smilingly says a few words. Chatterjee won't be able to run singles, don't know what sense this move makes"

Meanwhile spin introduced in the 11th over as Shahbaz adeem takes the ball in his hands. Punjab 27 for no loss

1.25pm - Not over by a long shot Abhishek Purohit reports: "Ankit Rajpoot has brought this match alive, as if it needed any more drama. Services 50 for 4, Rajpoot taking all four wickets. He has taken two in two in the previous over, having stand-in captain Soumya Swain caught low at gully, and then trapping Yashpal Singh in front on the forward push."

1.12pm - Mumbai forget the game is on TV Keeper Aditya Tare appeals for a half-volley caught down the leg side, but the third umpire calls the bluff. Baroda 35 for 0.

WV Raman, on air, remembers an incident when Ajay Jadeja appealed for a catch when the ball "bounced six feet in front of him". Says the umpires got zero marks from both the captains in that match

1.10pm - Karnataka keep sinking Says Sid Ravindran: "At the start of this Kamlesh Makvana over, the advice from the dressing room to Stuart Binny was to be careful of this bowler, to watch him for an over. Binny doesn't, and a few deliveries after clearing mid-on, he is trapped lbw low in front. Karnataka 5-206"

1.05pm - Rajpoot strikes again Rajpoot gets another. Sinha is gone. Still 31 for 2. Still 82 to get

1pm - UP strike But is it too late? The aggressive Nakul Verma is gone. Ankit Rajpoot gets him for 20 off 28. Services 31 for 1, need another 82

12.55pm - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

Manish Pandey reaches his fifty with a crisp off-drive for four - he's hit several of those this innings - and Karnataka have gone past 200. Still maintaining a brisk pace in Rajkot.

12.35pm - Action in Jamshedpur Lots of reporting from Amol Karhadkar: "Third ball after lunch and SS Rao's middle stump goes cartwheeling. Siddharth Kaul gives Punjab the much-needed wicket. They will now be hoping to wrap up the Jharkhand innings by getting rid of the last man Ajay Yadav. That's some entertainment! With Ladda bowling round the wicket outside leg stump, Gupta attempts a switch hit. He fails to make contact and it races to a boundary for four byes. The next ball, another switch hit attempt fails and the ball raps him on his pads. What was Ajay Yadav doing? The non-striker comes charging for a single with the ball in the keeper's gloves. He is run out by a mile. And Jharkhand innings over for a total of 401."

Noon - Lunch updates Baroda have safely moved to 16 for 0 in six overs

Abhishek Purohit from Indore: "Hasn't been UP's game this. Bright start for Services in the chase. An emphatic back-foot punch past backward point by Nakul Verma. Now Anshul Gupta edges Rajpoot but it does not carry to Kaif, who also seems to have hurt his fingers a bit." So, Services 18 for 0 at lunch, just 95 adrift of the result of their lives and the upset of the decade

Sid Ravindran from Rajkot: "182/4 at lunch. There were sixes in consecutive overs from Stuart Binny and Manish Pandey as Karnataka stayed positive despite the loss of several wickets. The closest this partnership came to ending was when Binny powered a drive towards the bowler Makvana, who palmed the ball onto the stumps to nearly catch Pandey short. Saurashtra's fielding has been top-notch this session, with several direct hits, and some sharp work in the outfield. Pandey 41* off 59, Binny 10* off 15

All right, I will be back soon

11.36am - Lunch in Jamshedpur Jharkhand go into the break at 397 for 8

11.35am - Imtiaz Ahmed giving himself something to bowl at Says Abhishek Purohit: "Imtiaz making sure Services will have to chase a three-figure target. He has picked up a Nishan Singh delivery from outside off and powerfully lifted it over wide long-on. Sensible from Imtiaz. Packed off side field off Nishan's last ball of the over, he bowls a bouncer, inviting a hook, but Imtiaz swats it along the ground to square leg to keep strike. Services have put down a sitter, Imtiaz lofting it straight to deep midwicket, and it pops out of the fielder's hands, it was the fifth ball, and Imtiaz also takes the single. But Services needed just that one ball. Imtiaz cannot believe it. He has his hand on his waist at the non-striker end and is staring at Tyagi's uprooted off stump. Suraj Yadav again, needing just the one delivery remaining in the over to nip one in past the No 11's defence. UP bowled out for 241. Imtiaz 40 not out, Yadav has 7 for 71"

11.30am - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

KL Rahul throws it away, skips down the track and chips the ball straight to mid-on for 55. Karnataka 154/4 and Saurashtra winning what could prove the pivotal session of the match. Still, two days and two sessions to go, but Saurashtra way ahead at this stage

11.25am - Surprise declaration Ajit Agarkar has rushed off the field declaring Mumbai's innings closed at 645 for 9. Agarkar unbeaten on 52. Suspect Mumbai want to have a go at Baroda before lunch. Baroda will have to bat an awkward period of 25 minutes before the break

11.20am - Dabholkar's unendorsements Mumbai debutant Vishal Dabholkar has just walked in with a wide brown tape covering all areas of his person (bat included) where the equipment manufacturer name is visible. Anti ambush marketing in domestic cricket too? Anyway, Mumbai are 643 for 9, and Agarkar has picked up a couple to reach 51 off 52 balls. Sixteenth half-century in first-class cricket. Captain will have to work harder with the ball

11.15am - Javed Khan's entertainment comes to an end Javed Khan has hit some meaty shots in Mumbai, lost one ball with a six, but has finally holed out for 43 off 54. Mumbai 636 for 9. His partnership with Agarkar: 73 in 13.1 overs

11.11am - Siddarth Ravindran from Rajkot

KL Rahul reaches his fifty. 'Nindhe, nindhe evaththu.. bidbeda' (it's your day today, don't let it go) are the encouraging words from the Karnataka dressing room. Karnataka 142 for 3

11.10am - Abhishek Purohit in Indore

This guy Imtiaz Ahmed has some power, and then some touch. He dead-batted a yorker last delivery, cracked his bat, changed it and has now flicked Shadab over deep midwicket for six. Services have EIGHT men in the deep to Imtiaz Ahmed. UP 214 for 9, still a lead of only 85. For what it's worth, Imtiaz farming the strike now with No 11 Tyagi at the other end. He is not being given the pitched-up deliveries he can get under, and has solidly defended length balls. There are two full deliveries, a full toss and a half-volley and Imtiaz with hardly any effort has bashed them to the straight boundary. UP now 225 for 9, a lead of 96

11.06am - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

A rare sight in Ranji Trophy cricket - an all-run four. Manish Pandey plays a late cut down towards third man off the offspinner Kamlesh Makvana. The 40-year-old Shitanshu Kotak had to chase from slip, all the way to third man, just stops the ball from reaching the rope, but doesn't save any runs despite his 70-yard dash. Karnataka 138 for 3

11.05am - Amol Karhadkar from Jamshedpur

Ladda strikes. Nadeem's attempted sweep gets a top edge and loops straight to short leg. 381 for 8

11.02am - Services nearing promised land Says Abhishek Purohit: "Sixth wicket for Suraj Yadav. Every day this game, Services have found a player who has delivered a standout performance. Rajpoot caught lbw half-forward to a length delivery. UP 207 for 9, a lead of 78

11am - Mumbai reach 600 Baroda are defensive, Mumbai are looking for runs, and nothing much seems to be happening. Agarkar and Javed Khan have added 45. agarkar 37 off 41, Javed 21 off 36. Mumbai 608 for 8

10.55am - Purohit has the last laugh Says he: "In reply to Anonymous, who had said this: "@Abhishek Purohit, Ha Ha Ha...Now to Rub it in Chawla is going to score a Match winning 75...& that Rant(though extremely justified) will be more embarassing with every run scored..!!!" I know my Chawla, Anonymous. He has fallen to Shadab Nazar in exactly the same manner he fell in the first innings, and and earlier to Suraj Yadav off the no-ball, swinging wildly and thick-edging straight to first slip. Gone for 9 (27). UP 200 for 8, a lead of 71"

However, Abhishek, I think anonymous didn't quite disagree with you on Chawlaness.

10.50am - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

Captain vs Captain. Harbhajan Singh introduces himself for the first time this morning. But the Punjab captain can pose little problems for his Jharkhand counterpart as Shahbaz Nadeem gets two singles and a brace with a paddled sweep. Jharkhand 367 for 7.

10.45am - Five for Suraj Yadav Says Abhishek Purohit: "Suraj Yadav has taken his seventh wicket, two of them were off no-balls, so this is his fifth, Murtaza edging a drive to Yashpal's left at wide slip. Yashpal goes leaping full-stretch and his quite strong and broad frame comes down with the ball safely in his hands. Marathon effort from Yadav: 27.3-7-59-5. UP 198 for 7. Lead by 69

10.40am - Saurashtra getting stuck into Karnataka Says Siddarth Ravindran: "And another one! CM Gautam, who has been Karnataka's rock this season, is gone. Kamlesh Makvana has been bowling with leg slip, short leg and forward short leg in place, still Gautam went from the sweep. He missed and was struck in front. Karnataka in trouble now, having lost three before the first drinks break. Manish Pandey has no centuries so far this season. Karnataka need one from him now. Shouts of 'tyaar rahiyo' from the Saurahstra team to Chiraj Jani who is fielding at deep square leg. Karnataka 112 for 3"

10.30am - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

Saurabh Tiwary is on an autograph signing spress just outside the boundary line. More than his autograph, a few school kids are craving a hand shake with the second-most popular Jharkhand cricketer. Jharkhand 354 for 7

10.26am - More action in Rajkot Says Siddarth Ravindran: "And another caught-behind. Saurashtra have crowded the batsmen when the slow bowlers are on. Kunal Kappor pokes at one outside off and edges it through to the keeper. Saurashtra are jubilant. The season's highest run-getter CM Gautam is the new batsman, promoted ahead of Manish Pandey to No. 4 . Slip, leg slip, short leg and silly point in place. Karnataka 106 for 2"

10.25am - Chawla escapes Abhishek Purohit:

Horrible stroke from the experienced Chawla to get out. Don't know what his role in the side is. Is he a specialist spinner? Is he a bowling allrounder? The way he was hit around by the Services No 10 batsman yesterday would seem to negate the first two options. Is he a batting allrounder then? If so, he has no business flailing blindly and thick-edging to first slip, in both innings. Gone for 3. UP 180 for 7. You would expect a Test player to show slightly more responsibility. Sorry for my rant. Chawla is going nowhere. No-ball called. UP 185 for 6

10.16am - Nayar out too While all those big wickets were falling elsewhere, Baroda managed to get rid of Nayar, gloving a pull to the keeper, down leg. Nayar gone for 132, Mumbai 567 for 8 now. Agarkar has been aggressive, and has scored 22 off 21

10.15am - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

Big wicket here for Saurahstra. Once again Robin Uthappa fails to convert an attractive half-century into a hundred. He had galloped to 60 off 65 balls, including 11 fours before Jaidev Unadkat got one to bounce extra, and took the glove through to the keeper. Uthappa wasn't too thrilled with the decision, he stood in the middle for a while, before walking down the pitch to inspect the spot where the ball landed. Kunal Kapoor is the new batsman. That wicket should bring the run-rate down a notch: 95/1 in 22 overs

10.10am - Services strike back Says Abhishek Purohit: "Two wickets in two overs. This has to be Services' game now. Arish Alam, who was batting solidly, was caught standing out of his crease at the non-striker's end after a Dwivedi drive burst through the bowler Suraj Yadav's hands and hit the stumps. In the next over, Nishan Singh brings a pitched-up delivery into Dwivedi, who misses it, and the English umpire Bailey upholds Services' strong appeal. UP 176 for 6. Lead of 47"

What a way to go. Why would you back up at non-striker's end in a five-day match? Where is Sunil Gavaskar when we need him?

10.08am - Amol Karhadkar in Jamshedpur

Ishank Jaggi's marathon innings is over. Sarabjit Ladda goes round the wicket and pitches one on the leg or just outside it and turns it towards the stumps. Jaggi gets a thick edge. All Mandeep Singh at first slip has to do is lunge forward and take the catch. Jaggi 132. Jharkhand 340 for 7

Cricinfo, who as per you was the best spinner(if any), fastest bowler (if any), most effective pace bowler and the best emerging batsman.

Nitin, slim pickings in spin department. Can't rally pick any. In the pace department, Ishwar Pandey is clearly a talent, and I hope somehow they can take good care of him, and possibly add about another 5kmph to his average pace of around 135. With the bat, you still have options coming through for India. It's the bowling that is a concern

10am - Amol Karhadkar from Jamshedpur

Uday Kaul fails to latch on to a sharp chance diving to his left offered by Sunny Gupta. Gupta moves to 20, Jharkhand 334 for 6. With the day turning out to be the brightest over the last week or so, you may have expected Jamshedpur residents to the Keenan. That hasn't happened so far. Perhaps, just like the second day, they will keep on walking into the stands as the day progresses.

9.55am - Fifty for Uthappa Says Sid Ravindran from Rajkot: "Robin Uthappa has raced to 50 already. Only three overs of pace this morning before Saurashtra go with spin from both ends. Karnataka 71 for 0"

9.50am - Abhishek Purohit in Indore

Alam and Dwivedi scoring quickly, now the UP keeper leans forward and caresses Nishan past cover's dive. He has been preferred over the experienced keeper Amir Khan for his batting skills, and is showing them off here. Now he pushes out and opens the face to steer Suraj Yadav between slips and gully for four more. Long, long shout for lbw against Alam off Suraj Yadav but umpire Saheba stands still, seemed like two sounds as Alam came forward to defend. UP 166 for 4. Services already backing off a bit, having a deep midwicket and a deep point to Alam. Now the deep midwicket comes in for Dwivedi, but deep point stays, this does not seem like the Services side of the first two days. They are giving away too many easy singles

9.43am - UP on the offensive Says Abhishek Purohit from Indore: "Arish Alam has raced to 49 in a couple of overs this morning. A clip through midwicket, a lovely drive through cover and a flick through square leg, all fours. Lead 25"

9.42am - Finally, brilliance from Baroda Aditya Waghmode, at second slip, dives in front of first slip to pluck an edge that was dying and might not have carried to Yusuf Pathan (not that you can be sure he would have taken it had it carried). Ankeet Chavan gone for 22. Mumbai 529 for 7

9.40am - Siddarth Ravindran in Rajkot

As usual it is quite chilly in Rajkot. Quite a breeze as well. At the adjoining volleyball court, most of the university students are playing in full sleeves and track pants. Shouts of "best of luck Chintu" as the players walk on to the field. Uhtappa has got going with three boundaries in the second over, all through the off side. Karnataka 58 for 0

9.35am - Vahora's run-up A little too late to mention this. Murtuja Vahora is clearly Baroda's best bowler, but his run-up is funny. For the first three seconds or so he jogs in a stationery position at the top of his run-up, as if on a treadmill.

Anyway, 50 runs up for the seventh wicket for Mumbai. They are 529 for 6

9.30am "I felt if I went after runs and things went wrong, I would be to blame. We need to put on as many runs as possible," says Abhishek Nayar, not out on 122 in Mumbai. They are basically telling the opposition, "If you take the lead, you will have to go into the sixth day."

Baroda in a huddle. Mumbai 524 for 6. Ambati Rayudu, struggling with a viral infection, is back on the field. So good news for Baroda. They have taken the new ball too

9.15am - Light is good in Jamshedpur We have had a timely start in the east. Jharkhand have added 11 to their overnight 310 for 6 without any further loss. Read yesterday's report here. Also Harbhajan Singh got fined for showing dissent yesterday. Please don't start a DRS debate already

9.10am - We are soldiers first "We are soldiers first, players later… A soldier remains a soldier, till he is no more." Says Services manager. Over to Abhishek Purohit for more on Services' shaurya, courage. But they will now have to chase runs for sure. Can they put up one more day of excellent cricket?

9am Punjab find themselves avoiding a banana skin, UP are in a proper fight, and the rest have sights set on first-innings leads above all. Welcome to day three.

Not very exciting all around, but that's how the format is. I prefer league stages to knockouts, but I can also tell you that the pressure and competition in the knockouts is immense. Imagine UP, who can see all their season's hard work potentially coming to nought. Imagine Punjab, who are hoping they get enough cricket, and that their batting doesn't have that one off day. Both leaders from league stages

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo