England in New Zealand 2012-13 March 9, 2013

Compton cut from Tavaré cloth

ESPNcricinfo staff
Vic Marks compares the batting of England opener Nick Compton with that of his predecessor Chris Tavare

Vic Marks, writing in The Observer, thinks he has spotted something familiar in England opener Nick Compton, after his hundred in Dunedin. And Marks, a former England bowler himself, notes that James Anderson and his colleagues might have enjoyed the sight, even if it wasn't spectacular:

"Their techniques may differ but there are echoes of my old mate, Chris Tavaré, in Compton. In the early 1980s Tavare may have been a source of some exasperation to spectators as he plodded forward before the inevitable muffled call of "Waiting" from beyond his mouthguard on those occasions when the ball had indeed travelled more than half a dozen yards from his bat."