Australian cricket October 12, 2013

Ponting weighs on the current state of affairs

Having hung up his boots last December, Ricky Ponting has had some time to collect his thoughts and reflect on how the Australian team, who were unbeatable irrespective of the conditions, have devolved to a a shadown of themselves. His autobiography, At the close of play, reveals what he thinks went wrong, and he ponders the events which may have led to the current state of affairs. Richard Hinds from the Daily Telegraph speaks with Ponting.

''It's got to the point guys are a bit scared to enjoy themselves around the team which is not the way I knew it,'' Ponting says. ''There weren't too many guys who were scared about having a few beers. I think some of the young blokes in particular good a bit afraid to be themselves and be the people they were around certain people around our team.''