Twitter round-up April 17, 2014

'I fear for the fudge at 20p'

Concerns over the rising cost of sweets, and the best golf trousers in cinema. In short, our latest Twitter round-up

#SpruceUpYourEyeLashesOrTheyWillNeverForgiveYou © Getty Images

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The unlikely pastime

How did it go?

The alternative pastime

No, the sharks will still be sleepy at that hour. It'll be fine.

The managed account
Even allowing for the fact that sportsmen sometimes talk about themselves in the third person, Manish Pandey probably has someone else doing his Twitter updates.

Or maybe he does refer to himself as "Manish Pandey Official" these days.

The bet

The social animal

Maybe try somewhere closer to home.

The campaign
This cause is close to Andrew Flintoff's heart.

Apparently, he also has concerns about the current price of a Chomp.

The film review

The teenager
Shane Warne tends to come across as a teenage girl on Twitter. Perhaps that's why he gets on so well with Michael Clarke.

These kids. Will they never learn?

Life with Kemar Roach
We're really getting to know Kemar's life philosophy by now.

Stay humble...

… and don't talk too much.

But then there's also this.

And this.

But perhaps we don't have the right to question such a deep thinker.

What's your philosophy?
Saqlain Mushtaq recommends something very challenging.

Ironically, doing this would have a major impact on your depth perception.

Nando's Watch
The place appeals to young and old cricketers alike.

The rebels

Jet-lag watch
Somewhere in the world, there is always a cricketer complaining about jet-lag. Sometimes they talk you through it.

Sometimes they don't.

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