April 23, 2014

Belgium cricket

Brighton Watambwa - Belgium captain

Remember Brighton Watambwa? The former fast bowler who played six Tests for Zimbabwe in the early 2000s, is currently captaining Belgium. After quitting Zimbabwe cricket following a contracts dispute, Watambwa settled in the US in 2002, getting a degree from the University of Miami before taking on a full-time job in Brussels. He talks to Enock Muchinjo in Daily News about his journey, and how the game is received in Belgium.

If you were to introduce Aussie rules football or trampoline in Zimbabwe, you will almost certainly find a good number of local folk trying a hand. I mean, didn't we recently have someone at the Winter Olympics, when snow (albeit just a smidgen of it) was last seen in the country more than 50 years ago! In most countries, if it's not their thing, they will simply not be interested a little bit. This is what former Zimbabwe Test bowler Brighton Watambwa found out when he arrived in Belgium five years ago from the United States.

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