South Africa news June 6, 2014

'International sport is a fickle thing' - Amla

ESPNcricinfo staff

Days after being appointed South Africa's Test captain, Hashim Amla shares some insights on his leadership style in an interview with Sport 24, and also stresses there are no cliques within the side.

You can recognise cliques. There are two kinds: the one that can be positive and the destructive one. The destructive ones try to marginalise others in the team. Naturally we don't want any of them ... and luckily there aren't any in the team. Look, there will be guys who have their close friends: maybe they like the same music, movies or whatever. There's no harm there ... actually it's healthy to have somebody to relate to. And if mutual respect still exists within the team then what more do you want? The team is in a good space and to keep it like that will be one of the challenges, because cancers can develop, with a few losses here and there. It's not just the captain's responsibility ... it's the players, the coach, the management.