Samir Chopra

A personal view of a cultural passion

Fans enjoy the opening weekend of the T20 Blast

The renewability of cricket

We as players and spectators have a great deal to do with the perceived complexity of the game, simply because we change over time

A plane adds to the picturesque settings at Queenstown

Life outside the cricket stadium

Most fans are familiar with far-flung corners of the globe but often we don't know much about those places apart from the fact that they are cricketing venues

Ian Botham and Mike Brearley enjoy the victory at Headingley

The Tendulkar-Brearley conundrum

The stereotype of the hero-worshipping Indian fan ignores evidence that seemingly skewed fandom is also present in supposedly more rational settings

A fan watches Sachin Tendulkar on television

Staying up to watch

An all-nighter for cricket is not unknown to most serious fans, and sometimes they can be flaunted as badges of honour

The Adelaide Oval from a nearby hotel

A day at Adelaide Oval

Australia v South Africa was so enticing that one spectator played hooky to be at the first day of the 2001 Test

Test cricket

Empty Eden: The saddest sight in cricket

When a Test between India and West Indies resembled the scene of a Ranji Trophy opening-round game between Assam and Tripura