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Stuart Broad bowls

The white-line crime

Officials spend precious time scrutinising bowlers' foot faults but ignore it when non-strikers gain unfair head starts

Umpire Marais Erasmus steps in to ensure the confrontation between Ben Stokes and Brad Haddin does not become too heated

Time to draw a line in the sand?

It's hard for everyone to agree on what constitutes acceptable boundaries when it comes to on-field behaviour. It's best if the ICC spells it out

Hashim Amla pads up for a net session

Cricket's finest bloke?

Quiet, unassuming, polite and humble, Hashim Amla remains a terrific role model

Michael Clarke gives his first press conference after arriving for the Champions Trophy

Do nasty guys finish first?

Snarls and frowns can never guarantee success. Only the right combination of players can. So why criticise a captain for being gracious?