Jonathan Wilson

Bob Willis without the laughs

The players of the Vatican Cricket Club practice in the nets

It's about anecdotes, not numbers

Runs and wickets matter little in games involving authors, seminarians and the like. It pays to keep your ears open

Village cricket played at Car Colston

The fear of the ringer

How a team can collapse in the face of some ordinary bowling if they believe they are batting against a pro

Players at the boundary's edge at Wormsley Cricket Club

So how was your cricket weekend?

Did it involve getting locked in a coffee-shop toilet, getting off the bus in the wrong place, and discovering the Bopara pose?

British Prime Minister David Cameron bats

Down and out in Galle

One of cricket's great attributes is that it has room even for the not-so-competent. Sometimes, though, that allowance does not seem to apply

And the rest is history

A wicket off a long hop and a memorable six: oh for the golden summer of 2002 (or was it?)