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World Cup 2011

Crushed but not broken

Defeat hurts. You feel hollow and broken. You have been let down, misled. Your expectations falsely raised, your dreams dashed

World Cup 2011

The joy of discipline

Load shedding has been put on hold -- for a day. Pakistan simply won a World Cup quarter-final, what's the fuss?

World Cup 2011

Progress is a bonus

A wonder of this World Cup is that all the expected teams have qualified for the knock-out stage but the tournament has still been thoroughly exciting

World Cup 2011

Pakistan's Australian sandwich

The last time Australia lost a World Cup match, Abdul Razzaq and Shoaib Akhtar both played. It was a dramatic May day in Leeds

World Cup 2011

A cringe at the death

Pakistan's serene progress to the World Cup quarter finals suddenly became a shambles in the final ten overs of the New Zealand innings

World Cup 2011

Ambition demands an extra bowler

Pakistan, like all the major teams, have three banana skins to avoid to ensure qualification and they neatly sidestepped the first one

World Cup 2011

In praise of low expectations

In the tournament's early years, Pakistan cricket fans viewed the World Cup with fascination but reasonable expectations