JANUARY 18, 2015

Once upon a Bedi welcome

Bishan Bedi welcoming the visiting Pakistanis at the airport in 1979 is an image for the ages
The IPL has helped players from different countries get to know each other © BCCI
NOVEMBER 22, 2014

The tale of a win that didn't come to be

Delhi were expected to coast to the Irani Cup title in 1982. Then came an outrageous chase of 421 runs
JUNE 06, 2014

The generous lender of cricket magazines

Having a neighbour with a cornucopia of cricket literature can be a life-changing experience
MAY 24, 2014

The absent cricket ball

A cricket ball at home would make daydreaming a little easier; its concrete, tangible presence would make intangible visions easier to construct
MAY 02, 2014

My Caribbean friend

How tales of West Indies cricket helped forge an enduring friendship between an Indian professor and a Jamaican security guard
FEBRUARY 20, 2014

Sandeep Patil: the Bombay Hammer

He only played international cricket for about half a decade, but his brutal, attacking style left its mark on the game in India
DECEMBER 06, 2013

Tendulkar, an expat's solace

Just when an Indian who moved to the US felt his connection with cricket grow weaker, a 16-year-old batting prodigy made everything all right
OCTOBER 10, 2013

A day at Adelaide Oval

Australia v South Africa was so enticing that one spectator played hooky to be at the first day of the 2001 Test
SEPTEMBER 04, 2013

Tracking Sobie and the gang from afar

To a boy growing up in India, West Indies' 1973 tour of England came alive years later through a cricket annual
AUGUST 21, 2013

The pleasures of Urdu commentary

Memories of following an India-Pakistan match described in high-flown Urdu
JULY 25, 2013

The best cricket periodical ever

From 1978 to 1983, the World Cricket Digest, published out of Sydney, offered fans of cricket and cricket writing an invaluable service
JULY 18, 2013

When Mushtaq's Pakistan nearly matched the mighty Windies

As Pakistan and West Indies played out a classic series in 1976-77, a schoolboy in India tracked the scores
JUNE 18, 2013

Returning home to the cricket magazine

Coming back to India from the USA was incomplete without a visit to the local news stand
MARCH 11, 2013

Reluctant but brave

Indian fans knew little about the internal issues dogging Australia on their 1979 tour but, although they were to succumb over the course of a long, draining series, the likes of Kim Hughes and Allan Border left their mark
JANUARY 16, 2013

Cricket's look and feel: A mixed bag

One of the curious ironies of modern cricket is that just as our means of the visual inspection of the game, its players and their skills have grown ever more sophisticated
JUNE 29, 2012

Beer and Viv Richards on Pearl Harbor Day

In high school, playing hooky to play or watch cricket was a common pastime
MARCH 03, 2012

Curiously significant dates: Making history more inclusive

On Tuesday, I attended a talk in the Political Science department at Brooklyn College
FEBRUARY 05, 2012

Out of the classroom and onto the pitch

While digging through a collection of letters I had written to my mother during my boarding school years, I chanced upon one dated March 8, 1981
DECEMBER 20, 2011

The most pleasant of memories: My highest score

In my earlier post on magical numbers, I forgot to note one number of especial personal importance: 38*