FEBRUARY 11, 2015

New Zealand's frustrating decline in women's cricket

Through the 1990s and 2000s, they were very competitive on the field and progressive off it, but lately they are lagging behind in both
New Zealand: World Cup finalists in 1993, 1997 and 2009, winners in 2000 © Getty Images
NOVEMBER 28, 2014

Why cricket needs women's Tests

Apart from the fact that they are exciting, intense encounters, getting rid of them might spell doom for the format across all cricket
OCTOBER 04, 2014

Why I am a cricket-feminist

Women need to hold more top positions in administration, and sexism at all levels must be tackled
AUGUST 29, 2014

Why wasn't England v India a multi-format points series?

The future of the women's game is tied in to whether all boards agree to adopt this system
AUGUST 11, 2014

The eight-year gap between England and India women

Since 2006, England women have risen to unbelievable heights on and off the field, while India have sunk into oblivion
JUNE 18, 2014

Why women must play more at Lord's

The MCC staged a women's match as part of their 200th anniversary celebrations but Lord's still often feels like it's a ground only for men
MAY 18, 2014

Do female cricketers care about how they look on the field?

Functionality, femininity, comfort, appearance - what matters to them when it comes to uniforms?
APRIL 13, 2014

The unseen cricket of our modern times

The Women's World T20 was scheduled to run alongside the men's seemingly to make it more visible. But it wasn't
MARCH 12, 2014

A new era for England's women cricketers

Plans for the first-ever fully professional contracts for England women mark the end of a decades-long struggle
FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Double headers are the future, but they stink

Playing women's matches before men's is good in principle, but they end up reducing the women's game to a sideshow
JANUARY 07, 2014

What have the men got to do with it?

Female cricketers are often asked to place their performances in context with those of their male counterparts. Is that even fair?
DECEMBER 08, 2013

What if Sachin had been a girl?

Young and highly talented female cricketers are forced to quit the game before they reach the height of their powers. Is that at all fair?
NOVEMBER 06, 2013

Ignorance is the worst crime in commentary

And you get plenty of it in women's cricket these days. Why must we listen to those who have little knowledge of the players and care less?
OCTOBER 13, 2013

A question of confidence

If we want more females to participate in cricket we must rid ourselves of the perception that it's a man's game
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

The new women's Ashes format? Genius

Seeing how this summer's contests between England and Australia have captivated the public's attention, it looks like a points-based system is the way to go
AUGUST 01, 2013

Bored of watching Australia's men lose? Go watch the women

Women's cricket wins converts to its cause when their series are more competitive and closely fought than the men's
JULY 03, 2013

A chance for Pakistan's women to grow in stature

Participating in qualifying tournaments is not necessarily enough for developing women's sides
MAY 31, 2013

What price amateurism?

Playing for the love of the game is admirable but for those at the top of their sport, should it really still be necessary?
MAY 01, 2013

Give girls role models of their own

Women cricketers still grow up idolising male players, like they did back in the 1940s. It's time that changed
MARCH 31, 2013

The belated rise of West Indies women

West Indies reached the final of the 2013 Women's World Cup after blossoming spectacularly in recent years - but a little-remembered ODI victory back in 1979 could have been the starting point for a much earlier ascent