Jonathan Wilson

Bob Willis without the laughs

Kevin Pietersen poses for a picture at his book signing

The power that books hold

We may not be strangers to what players say, but we still tend to accord their words greater respect when they're on paper and between two covers

CMJ and a lesson in reporting on cricket

His book on England's victorious tour of Australia in 1986-87 entertained a ten-year-old and taught him the value of writing on just the sport


The pleasure of reading Ten Great Innings

Ralph Barker's first book on cricket, written in 1964, is a curious one, of indefinite genre. But as a record of history, it does its job

All in the mind

We are used to the complaint that there is too much cricket played nowadays, but what if there was too little? You'd be forced to indulge in games played out entirely in the imagination - just as Godfrey Evans once did