NOVEMBER 17, 2014

An irreverent look at cricket numbers

A 100 random numbers that tell stories - loads of fun in store. Plus, another Bradman surprise
Jack Hobbs' career aggregate of more than 60,000 first-class runs are the most by any batsman © Getty Images
OCTOBER 11, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 1

An analysis using ball-by-ball data to identify scoring and wicket-taking patterns through the 50-over innings in ODIs
SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Dynamic Test team performance analysis

An analysis using a comprehensive methodology that identifies the best teams and their dominant periods in Test history
AUGUST 20, 2014

Performance and result analysis of Test teams

A look at Test teams across the years, measuring the peaks of each team, and the highest peak across teams
AUGUST 09, 2014

Peer analysis of Test teams: Part 1

A look at the best and the worst Test teams of different eras
JUNE 14, 2014

Consistency of Test batsmen - Part 1

Which batsmen have been the most consistent in Test cricket?
APRIL 26, 2014

Chalk and cheese in the same ODI innings

Instances of huge contrasts between batting strike rates or bowling economy rates within the same ODI innings
APRIL 12, 2014

Team performance analysis in T20 internationals

Who defends well and who chases a target better?
MARCH 15, 2014

Test top-score analysis: Bradman and Lara dominate

An analysis that identifies the most dominant innings by batsmen in Tests, in the context of contributions by other batsmen to the team score
MARCH 08, 2014

Forgotten Test innings: Readers' XV

A look at readers' choice of 15 forgotten but impactful innings in Tests
FEBRUARY 08, 2014

Test series analysis - beyond the scorecard

An in-depth look at the most comprehensive series wins in Test history
JANUARY 25, 2014

A chink in the armour

An analytical study of the most frequent modes of dismissals for leading Test batsmen
JANUARY 18, 2014

Ashes 2013-14 and India in SA: head-to-head analysis

An analysis of the head-to-head confrontations in the Ashes and India in South Africa series
DECEMBER 28, 2013

HSI - A new and exciting measure for ODIs

An analysis to identify the best ODI innings and careers with a new metric - HSI
DECEMBER 14, 2013

Epic head-to-head confrontations in a Test series

A look at the batsman v bowler duels that lasted across matches in a Test series
NOVEMBER 30, 2013

Tendulkar's Test career: into uncharted waters

An objective statistical analysis of Sachin Tendulkar's Test career
OCTOBER 12, 2013

Two gladiators, 22 yards, five days

A look at the most interesting duels between a batsman and a bowler in Test cricket
SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

Tripping up at the home stretch

A look at ODIs lost from the brink of victory
SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Great ODI recoveries

A look at the top successful ODI chases achieved from positions of no hope
AUGUST 31, 2013

Ashes 2013: battles within the war

Head-to-head stats for England v Australia 2013 using ball-by-ball data