AUGUST 04, 2014

Are the big three's bonds in danger of fraying?

If Australia come after India on the field the way James Anderson allegedly did, will the triumvirate be able to hold together?
The Anderson-Jadeja incident shows that cricket boards will only act on national self-interest © Getty Images
JULY 10, 2014

The value of a cricketer's brand

Andrew Strauss will recover from the indiscreet remark he made about Kevin Pietersen, but his image won't be entirely as it was
JANUARY 15, 2014

Brett Lee v Piers Morgan? Not cricket

Is there any thrill in watching one of the world's fastest bowlers bowl illegal deliveries aimed at the body of an annoying talk-show host with zero batting skills?
JULY 15, 2013

Don't blame the DRS

The review system has been a convenient scapegoat in the Trent Bridge Test, but it has done all it was supposed to
JULY 13, 2013

Is there a different moral code for batsmen?

Why do we judge a player who nicks it and stands his ground differently from one who claims a bump catch?
JULY 08, 2013

A knife in the back

Cricket Australia's decision to sack Mickey Arthur after having supported him in disciplining and rotating players betrays the management's muddled thinking
JUNE 24, 2013

Arthur the victim of a revolution?

Talk is, his disciplinarian style was a bit too much for some players to stomach
MARCH 01, 2013

Cricket washed down with Australia's mess?

With the critical report published into Australian sport, Michael Jeh looks at how relevant the 10 points are to cricket
JANUARY 07, 2013

A disgrace to cricket

For the first time ever, my entire family happened to be watching this game when the Warne/Samuels incident kicked off
OCTOBER 27, 2012

Doosra: Is it really a question of integrity?

John Inverarity has bowled me a doosra today with his comments about the doosra and integrity