JANUARY 31, 2014

For the love of Aussie hard-cases

Matt Cleary: No country produces more leathery, ornery tough guys than Australia (which does not explain what Monty Panesar's doing in this XI)
"Dinner? No thanks, I just killed a python, ate it and rinsed my mouth out with some broken glass" © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
OCTOBER 07, 2013

One-off saucepan sizzlers

Andy Zaltzman: Part two of the flash-in-the-pan XI features bowlers who rattled the opposition once and then went off to lead a peaceful, non-violent existence
OCTOBER 01, 2013

The All-time Flash-in-the-Pan XI

Andy Zaltzman: Players who burned bright briefly? Here you go
AUGUST 10, 2013

The games people play

Matt Cleary: Cricketers who could also swing a club or a foot or two
JULY 05, 2013

My Australian XI for Trent Bridge

Matt Cleary: Thought only selectors make shocking picks? How about having no frontline spinner for the first Ashes Test?
MAY 10, 2013

The no-honours XI

Andy Zaltzman: Players who received plenty of applause but probably no standing ovations
APRIL 12, 2013

Cricket's greatest bearded XI

Matt Cleary: And so, for no reason, cricket's greatest beard XI
NOVEMBER 13, 2012

The novelists who ate bowlers

Andy Zaltzman: Or how Robert Ludlum and John Updike turned promising ODI superstars into long-format wrecks
NOVEMBER 07, 2012

Saleem Elahi and the rich man's Saleem Elahi

Andy Zaltzman: Star in the ODI Legends but Test Muppets XI
OCTOBER 30, 2012

The Don Bradman of bowling unpenetratively in ODIs

Andy Zaltzman: And the five of his cohorts who complete our XI who were good in Tests but rubbish in ODIs
OCTOBER 23, 2012

Good in Tests, rubbish in ODIs XI - part one

Andy Zaltzman: Five batsmen who made you raise your eyebrows in one format and face-palm yourself in another
MARCH 22, 2012

The blog you've all been waiting for

Andy Zaltzman: In other words, the Blaze of Glory - Part 3
MARCH 13, 2012

The Blaze of Glory XI - part two

Andy Zaltzman: Greetings from New York City, where non-cricketous work has taken me temporarily to the place where Donald Bradman met Babe Ruth , and, one hopes, tried to convince the legendary Yankees slugger that if he did not hit the ball in the air so often,
MARCH 06, 2012

The Blaze of Glory XI

Andy Zaltzman: Part one of the Official Confectionery Stall team who exited to applause
NOVEMBER 29, 2011

Players with pairs lasting two or three balls XI

Andy Zaltzman: Ashwin's hundred reminded Andy Zaltzman of Agarkar's, which in turn reminded him of things that go quack-quack
OCTOBER 09, 2011

The Losers XI Part 2

Andy Zaltzman: A bowling attack that could be cast in a Greek tragedy, a Korean action thriller and a Bollywood masala, all at once
SEPTEMBER 29, 2011

An XI of total losers

Andy Zaltzman: Revealed: the shockingly Tendulkar-free top six in the canonical Confectionery Stall Great Series Performances in Defeated Teams XI
OCTOBER 28, 2010

The elegant and the ineffective

Andy Zaltzman: It’s all very well picking a world-beating team of players who are attractive to watch, but what about the attractive but useless ones, eh?
APRIL 08, 2009

Unpredictable XI - part 2

Andy Zaltzman:
MARCH 27, 2009

The Unpredictable XI - part 1

Andy Zaltzman: Having promised the World Unpredictable XI a couple of blogs ago (the ‘blog’ now being the only unit of time I officially recognise), I have since found myself in prolonged and agonising internal selectorial discussions