JULY 17, 2013

Shane Anderson, anyone?

Krishna Kumar: James Anderson mesmerises with skill, Graeme Swann outwits with subtle variations. Not unlike another combination from a few years ago
If Anderson don't get you, Swann must © Getty Images
JULY 11, 2013

Who was India's first great batsman?

Stuart Wark: In part one, a look at three Indian-born batsmen who went on to achieve glory in other countries
JULY 03, 2013

The Investec Ashes 2013

McGrath's bittersweet memories of 2005

Third on the list of leading wicket-takers in the Ashes, Glenn McGrath knows a few things about winning matches for his side. In an interview with Donald McRae of the Guardian, the former fast bowler, who dismissed Mike Atherton a record 19 times in the Ashes, rubbishes Ian Botham's prediction of a 10-0 England sweep, and remembers the impact of the 2005 series.

"The thing that stands out for me was walking down the street and people coming up to me saying they'd never watched cricket before and suddenly they couldn't miss a ball. I remember Old Trafford on the last day when so many people couldn't get in. That atmosphere, and especially the cricket, made it the best series I ever played in."

Defeat was galling, but McGrath suggests, "we became a better side while England, having achieved what they wanted, fell away. We won the next Ashes, which was the last series for me and Warnie, 5-0. It was the perfect way to bow out."

JUNE 23, 2013

A complicated colossus of Kiwi cricket

Paul Ford: Martin Crowe comes across as intense and angry in his latest book, Raw, but appears laidback when you meet him
MAY 10, 2013


'My greatest innings was not going to South Africa'

In an interview with The Times of India, Viv Richards speaks on a range of topics, including swagger, bluff, the right time to retire, Alex Ferguson, apartheid, Tony Greig, and more.

South Africa -- for no fault of the cricketers themselves --was a big issue. Any serious thinking person, anyone who is passionate about his colour, his race, would certainly have turned his back on South Africa. It's nice to hear about my great innings but the greatest innings that Vivian Richards played was not going to South Africa.

MAY 03, 2013

Cricket writing

Notes from editors, past and present

The longest-running sports annual in history, The Wisden Cricketers' Almanack has remained steadfast through wars and global crises and even technological revolutions. In Wisden India, six editors of the Almanack share their thoughts on what it means to be a Wisden editor.

APRIL 27, 2013

Indian cricket

Tussauds hands Tendulkar wrong t-shirt

Sachin Tendulkar has the honour of having a wax model of himself on display at Madame Tussauds in London. It doesn't need telling that his contributions to cricket have elevated him to 'godlike' status, not only in India, but across the world. So it is not very often that a goof up regarding him is made. Such was the case though, when his second wax likeness - this one at the SCG in Sydney - was unveiled by the iconic wax museum; the jersey that the figure sported was India's kit from the 2012 World T20, a tournament Tendulkar wasn't part of, Mid-Day reported. It has been almost seven years since Tendulkar suited up for a T20 international, his only such game being India's maiden T20I, against South Africa in December 2006. Madame Tussauds has admitted to the rather embarrassing gaff and will change the figure's kit to reflect Tendulkar's crowning glory with a 2011 World Cup India jersey.

APRIL 03, 2013

Cricket history

CLR's wife remembers Beyond a Boundary

There are few books on cricket that have had as powerful and as lasting an impact as CLR James' Beyond a Boundary. Fifty years after its publication, it is still regarded by many as the greatest book on the game. Writing in the Guardian, Selma James, wife of CLR, shares her insights into a book that her husband "had to write".

Establishing early the interconnection between cricket and race and class divisions opens the way for Beyond a Boundary to fulfil its author's full purpose: to draw out other startling connections - cricket and art, life in ancient Greece, even rewriting English social history with cricket's great WG Grace as a crucial figure. As startling as his connections is the light he sheds on each - not only cricket but every subject benefits from shattering boundaries. We are invited to reject the fragmenting of reality, and to see its diverse interconnections without which we are prevented from ever knowing anything fully - including our own reality. What do they know of cricket, or anything, if it is walled off from every other aspect of life and struggle?

MARCH 25, 2013

The incredible legacy of WG Grace

Jon Hotten: In the space of eight days in 1876, WG Grace scored 839 runs, including two triple hundreds. He shaped the game we know today, inventing technique and influencing bowling
MARCH 21, 2013

Deciphering the myths of sledging

Matt Cleary: From Steve Waugh telling Herschelle Gibbs he's dropped the World Cup to Ian Healy's "Mars Bar" sledge, many infamous cricket yarns have taken on lives of their own - to the point that some seem to have been completely fabricated
MARCH 11, 2013

Indian cricket

Inheriting a legacy

In Open, Rohan Gavaskar talks about life as Sunil Gavaskar's son and imparts advice to Arjun Tendulkar on handling the expectations that come with a legendary surname.

"I would say that just be the best you can be (irrespective of what your father achieved). Put in the hard work. From what I've seen, he doesn't shy away from [hard work]. You can see his enthusiasm for the game, so that's a plus. Look, you've got to do more than what the other guy is doing. And it applies to everybody, not just him. See, when he's out there on those 22 yards, the ball doesn't become slower or faster or turn more or turn less just because his last name is Tendulkar."

FEBRUARY 22, 2013

The Sachin Tendulkar Experience

Kali Kishore: Was it visual? A shotmaking feast of such delicious complexity, that one could often taste it in layers? Was it vicarious? The lower middle-class, living its most vivid world-beating fantasies through an aberration within their ilk
JANUARY 11, 2013

First glimpse of Shane Warne

Philip Brown: I remember my first encounter with Shane Warne, in 1993, when Australia were about to play their first match of the Ashes tour against an England Amateurs XI at Radlett, just north of London
JANUARY 03, 2013

Tendulkar: I hate him like I love him

Suman Kumar: For a generation that believed success in life was directly linked to an engineering-college berth (or a medical-school berth), Tendulkar was an antithesis
JANUARY 01, 2013

Where does Sangakkara sit in the 10000 Club?

Michael Jeh: There is a French proverb that states that "to compare is not to prove"
DECEMBER 30, 2012

Tony Greig: Turning cricketers from Patriots into Professionals

Samir Chopra: Seemingly a giant of a man, literally and figuratively, he was the captain of a team central to the Indian team's understanding of itself in the cricket world
DECEMBER 11, 2012

Australian cricket

Bradman on film, in Canada

Every so often we get a glimpse of how Don Bradman batted and now the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has released previously unseen footage of "The Don" playing on a privately organised tour of Canada in 1932.

The film, which you can watch a segment of courtesy of the Daily Telegraph, shows Bradman in action against an All-Toronto side. During the match in question, he made 52 (after Toronto had been dismissed for 80) but a title card informs the viewer that he went on to break the Canadian record by scoring 260 against Western Ontario. The footage is thought to be the only in existence showing Bradman in action outside Australia or the United Kingdom, the two countries where he made all of his 52 Test appearances.

The Toronto leg was part of the 51-match "Goodwill Tour" of north America, which also served in part as the recently married Bradman's honeymoon. However, while Bradman would lead his "Invicibles" around England 16 years later, on this trip the Australians were beaten - Vancouver the team to blemish their record.

DECEMBER 03, 2012

A story about Sachin

Freddie Wilde: It will be one of sports great tragedies if it gets to the stage where Tendulkar's attempted preservation of what he has left, is only acting as detriment to his legacy
NOVEMBER 02, 2012

Indian cricket

Muesli, the secret of Tendulkar's energy?

Remember Sachin Tendulkar's brief but brutal attack against Glenn McGrath in the quarter-final of the Champions Trophy in 2000? Ever wondered erm … what he ate for breakfast that day? He had muesli, it turns out. Tendulkar revealed as much at a book launch in Mumbai on Thursday: "Muesli; the aggression builds up gradually."

He also said that he loves Japanese cuisine, snails are not quite to his taste and he fancies barbequing in the wild - as he did with the rest of the Indian team on tour to Zimbabwe in 2001. Talking about the outing, Tendulkar said: "We went to a game reserve and we cooked for ourselves in the middle of a jungle. It was a beautiful barbecue. That experience of being in the middle of a jungle, making your own food and mingling with your team-mates … it was an experience."

And yes, if you've heard the story of Tendulkar only eating ice cream mid-innings during that India-Pakistan clash at the 2003 World Cup, we can confirm it's true. "I had a big bowl of ice cream and nothing else. I had my earphones on and I didn't want to listen to anyone as I knew what was needed," Tendulkar said of the match. "I just informed the ground staff to let me know when the umpires walk out. When they did, I just removed my earphones and walked out. In the meanwhile, the ice cream was quite good."

Tendulkar does dabble in the kitchen at home, and seafood seems to be on the menu a lot when he cooks. "Sometimes I do cook breakfast for [daughter] Sara, [son] Arjun and [wife] Anjali," Tendulkar said. "Earlier it was on a regular basis, but now it's only on special occasions. I cook various things like prawn masala and stuff that I learnt from my mother. At times I have tried cooking fish curry for Anjali using [his mother's] recipes, and Anjali told me it's the best fish curry she has had in her life."

Of course, if you play professional cricket for over two decades, you must know a thing or two about eating right, and Tendulkar spoke about his routines: "As soon as you come in to the dressing room, you must eat carbs within 45 minutes, as the muscles are tired and that's when the absorption takes place. Protein for dinner is ideal. That's the route I fellow.

"But it also depends on the conditions. I remember during the World Cup, we played against Australia in Ahmedabad and it was really, really hot. For two three days before the match, I went on a vegetarian diet and had bland food like curd rice and coconut water. I wanted to flush out all the spice from my system."

Lastly, if you happen stop by his restaurant, be sure to try the Lamb Curry and Rice. Tendulkar explained how the dish came to be on the menu: "I was in Jamaica and I ordered Lamb Curry and Rice, and it was simply delicious. I ended up eating it four days in a row. I told the chef, 'Can you please share the recipe; I can't leave Jamaica without knowing the recipe and every time I want to have it, I can't come to Jamaica.'"

AUGUST 21, 2012

How an epic at Eden touched a generation

VJ Subbu: Belonging to the increasingly dying tribe of the artist, was VVS Laxman. Very Very Special, indeed, and a saviour of India on many occasions