Cricket films

DECEMBER 16, 2013

Murder and mysterious cricket footage

Jonathan Wilson: The curious case of Test match footage used in a TV crime drama
Chris Lewis: body double for a murder victim © Getty Images
DECEMBER 11, 2012

Australian cricket

Bradman on film, in Canada

Every so often we get a glimpse of how Don Bradman batted and now the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has released previously unseen footage of "The Don" playing on a privately organised tour of Canada in 1932.

The film, which you can watch a segment of courtesy of the Daily Telegraph, shows Bradman in action against an All-Toronto side. During the match in question, he made 52 (after Toronto had been dismissed for 80) but a title card informs the viewer that he went on to break the Canadian record by scoring 260 against Western Ontario. The footage is thought to be the only in existence showing Bradman in action outside Australia or the United Kingdom, the two countries where he made all of his 52 Test appearances.

The Toronto leg was part of the 51-match "Goodwill Tour" of north America, which also served in part as the recently married Bradman's honeymoon. However, while Bradman would lead his "Invicibles" around England 16 years later, on this trip the Australians were beaten - Vancouver the team to blemish their record.

AUGUST 26, 2012

New Zealand cricket

New Zealand's own Thommo

New Zealand have not had the best of times on the cricket field off late. They struggled in the West Indies, and the struggle continues, so far, in India. So what would they say if they were offered the services of say, a Jeff Thomson? Enter Ryan O'Kane.

An actor from New Zealand, O'Kane has spent the past few months perfecting the distinctive slingshot action of Thommo, for his latest role: that of the tearaway quick in Howzat! Kerry Packer's War, a much-anticipated Australian television drama. Presumably, he has a flair for cricket too - he also stars in Save Your Legs, an Aussie film featuring comedy, cricket, Bollywood and Sir Richard Hadlee in a cameo role.

So how about stepping in and giving the national team a hand? It has crossed his mind, he told the New Zealand Herald in jest. "I think I'm going to get away from the acting and give the Black Caps a call," O'Kane said. "They are [already] paying me to go out and play a game of cricket."

DECEMBER 29, 2009

Cricket's top visual hits

Cricinfo: Now, another form of cricketing media entertainment exists in sufficient numbers and variety for a top ten best ever list to be considered