MAY 14, 2014

IPL 2014

Modi on the IPL innovations that weren't

Lalit Modi talks to Business Today's Suveen Sinha about how he went about establishing the IPL, and reveals some of his more innovative plans for the tournament that did not come to be. Featuring shrunk 30-yard circles, heart-rate monitors, and ball-by-ball commentary on Twitter, among other things.

There were also suggestions in favour of reducing the 30-yard circle to make the game pacier and give batsmen and fielders something else to think about. Eventually, though, that idea was scrapped because I didn't want to tamper with the fabric of the sport. Then there was the idea of giving online viewers an option to choose from 12 different camera angles on YouTube. I remember the meeting in San Francisco with YouTube's top bosses ...

JANUARY 04, 2013

The Faisalabad Befuddler, and a collective tribute to Chris Martin

Andy Zaltzman: Includes Cricketer of the Earth and what the BCCI needs to do to make Gautam Gambhir score runs again
SEPTEMBER 06, 2012

The importance of cricket awards shows

Andrew Hughes: You've got to have them, but what do you do when a must-have nominee isn't shortlisted?
MAY 16, 2011

Batting, a case of chronic neglect

Kamran Abbasi: When Pakistan reflect on their defeat in the first Test, they should examine why their batsmen have developed a habit of falling to some of the world's least celebrated bowlers
JANUARY 28, 2010

The player(s) of the decade - in numbers

Anantha Narayanan: A look at the best players of the decade, in purely numerical terms