JANUARY 19, 2015

What West Indies can learn from New Zealand

Colin Benjamin: The teams match up in terms of talent. The key area of difference, obviously, is player-board relations
Man to man, there's not much to separate the two teams © WICB
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

What the Indian calendar is doing to its bowlers

Kartikeya Date: R Ashwin and Ishant Sharma's lack of first-class experience and consequent decline in skills speak volumes about the BCCI's skewed priorities
JUNE 01, 2014

Testing times for Sri Lanka

Janaka Malwatta: Given Sri Lanka's long struggle to attain Test status, the demotion of the five-day format to an inconvenient sideshow is particularly galling
MAY 13, 2014

Adopted-home advantage for CSK and Royals?

Bishen Jeswant: A look at how Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings might be impacted by not having any games at their primary home venues
APRIL 05, 2014

England cricket

Rejigged county schedule to England's rescue?

The England Cricket Board will implement the findings of it's own survey conducted regarding the schedule of county cricket this season. T20s will form Friday evening entertainment, a bulk of the first-class matches shall begin on Sundays now and the action would start in early April. Mike Selvey, in the Guardian, believes the changes will serve well in preparing the national side for the summer ahead.

This was the time of year when county players, on six-month contracts, returned from whatever winter employment (or, too often, unemployment) had brought them. A week's "training" perhaps, which would barely count as a warm-up these days, followed by nets, a university fixture maybe, or practice matches against another county, and then the first championship match of the summer right at the end of April. A personal check tells that in 13 seasons only five of my championship matches began in April, and none started earlier than the 28th of the month.

Now, the first matches begin (rain, of course, is forecast) and almost half of the championship will have been played by the time the team for the first Test against Sri Lanka is picked.

FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Double headers are the future, but they stink

Raf Nicholson: Playing women's matches before men's is good in principle, but they end up reducing the women's game to a sideshow
JANUARY 19, 2014

Time to regionalise county cricket?

Scott Oliver: A six-team tournament above the Championship might strengthen the supply line for the England team
JANUARY 14, 2014

A golden age of cricketing travel sickness

Andy Zaltzman: In which we explore the magical world of whitewashes and why teams seem to be so rubbish at touring these days
DECEMBER 07, 2013

Why long Ashes tours are hurting Test cricket

Kartikeya Date: England's and Australia's established schedules of a five-Test series every other year makes it hard for other teams to create rivalries
NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Done in by darkness

Andrew Hughes: New Zealand search for light but all they get is rain
OCTOBER 05, 2013

Australia need to be Hussified

Matt Cleary: The Sheffield Shield needs to toughen up and national players must feature in it for at least two months before the Test season
SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

India's tour of South Africa

South Africa, India and a troubled tour

The vexed South Africa-India series has given rise to a debate, between two of the game's better-known commentators, on the rights and wrongs. In his column for Star Sports website on September 20, Harsha Bhogle analyses the current predicament of the India-South Africa series and suggests that cricket boards around the world must create a financial system independent of India to ensure their economic stability.

South Africa, for example, can ask themselves why they got into a situation where their cricket economy was so dependent on an external power that is always more likely to do what suits itself first. It is just likely that one of the conclusions will be that it was the easy, lazy option to take. If an Indian tour guaranteed a lot of money, it also meant that you didn't need to create other parallel revenue sources to insure against untoward happenings. And it would seem to me, even if I am looking at it from afar, that other cricket playing countries too therefore need to create such a parallel economy. Again there is a similar situation affecting India. If the US decided they would halve all software and business process outsourcing to India (however unlikely that would be but this is meant to be an illustration), we would be similarly hit. It wouldn't help if Indian companies complained about the big bad bully who was taking away jobs, they would just have to develop other capabilities and find other revenue sources.

In his response to Bhogle's column, Gideon Haigh, writing in his blog in the Australian, retorts that the argument doesn't hold much sway, because the issue concerns cricket boards and the game of cricket itself is dependent on " some rough-and-ready idea of equality".

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

Stop the treadmill, I want to get off

Jonathan Wilson: There's never any time to enjoy the triumphs because you need to look ahead to the next game
SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

Fifty overs suck

Matt Cleary: Especially when they are offered up as an afterthought. Why not give the 25-over two-innings format a shot?
SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

World Cup qualification could give ODIs context

Samir Chopra: Bilaterals tacked on to the end of a Test series, or hastily arranged triangulars, could gather meaning if teams had something bigger to fight for. But will cricket's major teams ever agree to such a proposition?
SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Is spin Australia's future?

Michael Jeh: Going by the number of spinners in a recent U-11 trial in Brisbane, it looks like Australia's attack might come to be dominated by slow bowlers in the future
SEPTEMBER 09, 2013

England fans thinking of implementing supporter rotation

Alex Bowden: A novel idea to get through a jam-packed tour without sustaining long-term psychological injury
SEPTEMBER 08, 2013

'If it's a permeable surface, go whiz'

Beige Brigade: The boys from BYC get the last word in on pitch urination. They also discuss Ashes stats, Hadlee's solution for fixing, New Zealand's series against Bangladesh and India, and finally review a book (but it's not on cricket)
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

The new women's Ashes format? Genius

Raf Nicholson: Seeing how this summer's contests between England and Australia have captivated the public's attention, it looks like a points-based system is the way to go
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

How Australia will prepare for the return Ashes

Matt Cleary: With lots and lots of limited-overs cricket. In India. Say what?