MARCH 26, 2013

The importance of risking failure

Sambit Bal: A Day With Dravid was not all it could have been, but glitches are best looked at as building blocks rather than setbacks
Dravid with Vineet Anantharaman (at left), the contest winner © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
MARCH 01, 2013

Presenting The Cordon

Sambit Bal: Announcing a new section on the site: voices from outside the press box
NOVEMBER 07, 2012

Choose your ESPNcricinfo homepage

Sambit Bal: We will not pretend this is a dazzling innovation. Even though ESPNcricinfo has run multiple homepages for years now, you have not had the option of choosing which one to set as your default
SEPTEMBER 02, 2012

A question of cricket

Sambit Bal: Introducing our latest series, The Jury's Out, which is a highly subjective exploration of the beautiful facets in the game of cricket
FEBRUARY 14, 2011

Introducing ESPNcricinfo's iPhone app

Sambit Bal: As a long-time sucker for Apple's temptations, I have been waiting for this one with childlike anticipation. And now that it is on my phone, I can say, hand on heart, that ESPNcricinfo's iPhone app is a thing of beauty
NOVEMBER 27, 2010

The bigger picture

Sambit Bal: I am sure you haven't failed to notice the steady increase in video content on the site. We are committed to exploiting the inclusiveness of our medium and present to our readers any additional options for consuming our content
NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Beyond boundaries

Sambit Bal: At ESPNcricinfo we are always trying to expand our range. And the latest addition is a travel section that will allow you to explore the host countries before the World Cup begins
OCTOBER 13, 2010

New Facebook functionality for ESPNcricinfo

Sambit Bal: Now, if you've already liked a certain individual on, you'll receive any related stories which are published on the site - straight to your Facebook wall. It includes a summary of the story and a link
JUNE 21, 2010

A new look for Cricinfo blogs

Sambit Bal: Not only does the blogs section now look better integrated with the rest of the site, we also believe it is more reader-friendly
FEBRUARY 26, 2010

Tendulkar breaks Cricinfo records

Sambit Bal: Sachin Tendulkar's record-breaking didn't stop on the field on February 24. He shattered many on Cricinfo. We recorded 45 million page views that day, and our highest number of unique users in India and the United States
FEBRUARY 08, 2010

Hawk-Eye at your fingertips

Sambit Bal: Hawk-Eye, the ball-tracking technology that ensured that umpiring in cricket matches was never the same, has now been fully integrated into our live match coverage
JUNE 19, 2009

Embracing the new Cricinfo

Sambit Bal: We've been listening to your feedback on our new site design and are working on your recommendations
APRIL 27, 2009

Golden oldies in the IPL, and Page 2

Sambit Bal: Some recommended reading on ESPNcricinfo over the past week
APRIL 16, 2009

Harbhajan and Symonds are now team-mates

Sambit Bal: Introducing ESPNcricinfo's Page 2, a space where entertainment is the sole objective
APRIL 13, 2009

Tales of an Afghan, the Basin, and a poet

Sambit Bal: Some recommended reading on ESPNcricinfo over the past weeke
APRIL 10, 2009

Fan's eye view of IPL

Sambit Bal: Here's another plan to make you part of Cricinfo
MARCH 27, 2009

How to hold live discussions with readers

Sambit Bal: We have always looked for ways to engage you in our coverage of cricket and some of you might have noticed or indeed taken part in the live discussions we have been conducting on the site in the last few weeks
MARCH 17, 2009

The reading room

Sambit Bal: It's only the second week and I am already running a day late in supplying my list of things you ought to read on ESPNcricinfo
MARCH 09, 2009

It runs on the site

Sambit Bal: Here's a little ritual I want to start on the blog. Every Monday I will put together a list of recommended reading from pieces published on Cricinfo
FEBRUARY 27, 2009

A conversation with readers

Sambit Bal: Cricinfo's primary duty has always been to its readers, and one of the great gifts of the internet, is the connection it allows between the reader and the writer. This page will be a modest attempt to further that connection