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Joe Root walks back after scoring 121

Is Root right for England?

He is a success story of the English system, but his kind of batting is going to be outdated in the next four years

Shane Warne listens to advice from Terry Jenner

Switching from pace to legspin

In which the author, compelled by the depredations of age, attempts a change in cricket speciality

Graham Gooch has a word with Nick Compton

How much practice is enough practice?

Deciding how much time to set aside to unwind is a dilemma in any profession. In sport, it's all down to the player, not the coach

Cricketing coaching camp at Sekunderschule Anderlfingen

Practice makes perfect?

Does a technical, complex sport like cricket contain new tricks that can't be taught to old dogs?

ESPNcricinfo staff

Fast bowling

Fast bowling in a time of tortoises

In a column for the Guardian's Spin, Andy Bull wonders whether fast bowling in Test cricket is becoming slower

Australian cricket

Welcome to Lehmann's 'workshop'

Ben Horne of AAP captures the differences between former Australia coach Mickey Arthur and his successor Darren Lehmann

Cricket news

The instinct of walking away

Michael Jeh discusses the importance of training a cricketer's instincts to recognise and walk away from danger in public interactions

Australian cricket

The world's longest net session

There are plenty of international batsmen who could benefit from a few more hours in the nets. Perhaps they could learn from Jade Child, a cricketer from Ricky Ponting's home town of Launceston.