NOVEMBER 12, 2013

What football rights have to do with the future of cricket

Jon Hotten: BT has paid a stratospheric amount for the rights to the Champions League. Cricket will probably feel the knock-on effects in time
If rights acquirers are paying top dollar for football rights, it ultimately spells greater demand for T20 mercenaries © Getty Images
APRIL 10, 2013

The IPL can learn from other sports leagues

Ramakanth Josyula : From season tickets to merchandise, there are many ideas that the IPL can adopt to increase the spectator presence in stadiums
MARCH 05, 2013

Cricket between the ads

Mahesh Sethuraman: Watching cricket on TV in India is getting depressing because of the inexcusable and illegitimate plethora of intrusive advertisements in the cricket telecasts, with part-screen ads making it seem that there is a greater premium for infuriating the fans m
FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Hot button cricket talk

Jarrod Kimber: Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss the ACC report, betting, drugs and TV deals
FEBRUARY 05, 2013

England cricket

Storm in a tea break

A whiz move by the ECB's marketing department to liven up the innocuous Test-match tea break could set off a fresh round of sniping across the Pennines. For the next three seasons, the time between 3:40 and 4pm during Tests in England will be called the Yorkshire Tea Break. Every tea break would now be made "fun and engaging for the many fans of the game", a Yorkshire Tea representative said. Not, perhaps, the fans in traditional rivals Lancashire. On hearing the news, the Manchester Evening News' cricket writers, true Lancashire loyalists, snapped back on Twitter: Yorkshire Tea have just signed deal with ECB to be the "Official Brew of England Cricket"! Not at Old Trafford it isn't!" Old Trafford stages the 3rd Ashes Test in August and a Lancs CCC's spokesman said politely of the new development, "Of course we will be selling Yorkshire tea, but we would expect sales of coffee to go through the roof as a consequence."