FEBRUARY 11, 2014

Modern injury-prevention techniques are not working

Michael Jeh: It might be time to go back to more traditional methods of preparation: long periods of batting and bowling in place of hours spent in the gym, in ice baths, and on the massage table
Surely someone in Cricket Australia must realise that whatever is being done to prevent Shane Watson from succumbing to soft-tissue injuries is not working? © AFP
JANUARY 23, 2014

Are central contracts too soft a cushion for elite cricketers?

Michael Jeh: If they had to play to be paid, would they allow their handlers to rest them so often?
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

Why are cricket spectators always short-changed?

Andrew Hughes: We are art lovers, not watchers of some back-alley freak show
JULY 08, 2013

A knife in the back

Michael Jeh: Cricket Australia's decision to sack Mickey Arthur after having supported him in disciplining and rotating players betrays the management's muddled thinking
FEBRUARY 19, 2013

Cricket threatened by second XIs

Michael Jeh: To those unfamiliar with the Australian sporting landscape, these last few weeks have been full of controversy on many levels
FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Australia must be patient with rotation

Tapan Doshi: I will try to make reasoned arguments about why Inverarity is right about the 'informed player management' policy implemented by Cricket Australia
JANUARY 23, 2013

Rotation's a jolly good thing (mostly)

Andrew Hughes: If it's good enough for shirts, friends and duvets, why not for cricket?
DECEMBER 07, 2011

Scrap rotation, play lesser

Michael Jeh: Mickey Arthur's comments on the rotation policy that the Australians will have to learn to accept, provides excellent material for a discussion on the topic