MARCH 27, 2014

The white-line crime

Michael Jeh: Officials spend precious time scrutinising bowlers' foot faults but ignore it when non-strikers gain unfair head starts
Allow third umpires to monitor a non-striker's backing up and punish it by ruling those deliveries dot balls and subtracting runs scored off them from the total © ICC
MARCH 24, 2014

Why T20 is a disfigured caricature of cricket

Kartikeya Date: Scaling the contest down to 20 overs without changing the rules only leads to a grotesque imbalance between bat and ball
JANUARY 22, 2014

When a six is not enough

Nicholas Hogg: How long before the mighty heave that clears the stadium is awarded more than half a dozen runs?
JANUARY 16, 2014

How does one measure T20 proficiency?

Russell Jackson: The traditional data range of cricket statistics is far too narrow and its focus sometimes irrelevant to the requirements of the shortest format
NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Why the new fielding restrictions in ODIs are a good idea

Kartikeya Date: Bowlers who err go for boundaries and bowlers who are consistent challenge batsmen to take risks
NOVEMBER 07, 2013

Outsource the tampering

Krishna Kumar: There has been enough talk about looking kindly on tampering, but what if it was done off the field?
OCTOBER 23, 2013

Eight ways to empower bowlers in ODIs

V Ramnarayan: If we don't want limited-overs cricket to turn into one-sided massacres, we need to change some rules and encourage attacking fields
MAY 28, 2013

The case for forced player rotation in the IPL

Sourav Kumar, India: Capping the number of league games a player can appear in will add interesting, new dynamics to the IPL
APRIL 17, 2013

Of unwritten laws and moral compasses

Jon Hotten: Cricket's relationship with its rules is a constantly evolving flirtation, unlike in golf, say, where things are more cut and dried
FEBRUARY 16, 2013

Time to rethink the LBW law?

Nilesh Jain: The LBW law has achieved the same place in cricket that the offside rule has in football - just watch a fan explaining either of them to someone else
DECEMBER 19, 2012

Cricket's quirky rules that defy logic

Aakash Chopra: When GB Shaw said "the golden rule is that there are no golden rules", it made for marvellous lyrics
AUGUST 31, 2012

Criticising Mankading is double standards

Paul Leary: A batsman who ignores a warning and continues to leave his crease before the ball is bowled is surely contravening the spirit of the game, rather than the bowler, even if it's unintentional
AUGUST 04, 2012

Laws for fairytale giants

Andrew Hughes: Surely they need to be different from those for commonfolk. Time to give Steven Finn an exemption, then
JULY 27, 2012

Cricket rules vs common sense

Balachandhran S: Alook at three new modifications to the rules of the game which seem dubious at best and at odds with the spirit of the game, at worst
FEBRUARY 07, 2012

Someone, please explain the D/L method

Michael Jeh: I'm no mathematician. Messrs Duckworth & Lewis clearly have brains vastly superior to mine
NOVEMBER 30, 2011

Faux objectivity: The murky business of light meters

Samir Chopra: But what precisely are the light meters protecting the cricketers (and us) from? From conditions where the light is either "too poor to play" or is "dangerous"?
AUGUST 01, 2011

Spirit of the game, or was Dhoni a sucker?

Samir Chopra: On the second day at Trent Bridge, Ian Bell was out according to the rules of the game. He forgot them and he paid for it
DECEMBER 20, 2010

Rules and their abuse

Aakash Chopra: Any rule that leads to cheating needs to be looked at closely