APRIL 10, 2014

The problem with low catches

Kartikeya Date: The cricket cognoscenti is largely eager to give the fielder the benefit of the doubt when a catch is referred. This should not be the case
Video evidence often creates doubt about low catches because of the requirements of the law © Getty Images
JANUARY 05, 2014

Blood and orange

Paul Ford: Expect spectators to arrive at New Zealand grounds prepared to put their bodies on the line for a six-figure sum
JANUARY 03, 2014

What's luck got to do with being caught down leg?

Samir Chopra: To ascribe a dismissal resulting from a catch down leg side to bad luck is to confuse the workings of fortune with a poorly executed shot
DECEMBER 17, 2013

A quintet of screamers

Paul Ford: Where does Trent Boult's stunning catch stack up in the annals of ripper catches by New Zealanders?
JULY 08, 2013

A knife in the back

Michael Jeh: Cricket Australia's decision to sack Mickey Arthur after having supported him in disciplining and rotating players betrays the management's muddled thinking
JULY 07, 2013

Two Chris Martin stories

Paul Ford: A dropped catch and a nervous innings - they don't portray him in a good light, yet somehow they do
MAY 04, 2013

Is Bates v Wheater really worth the grumbles?

Freddie Wilde: Hampshire's batting started well this season, but the double collapse Essex raised old concerns and showed why the signing of Adam Wheater is not the damning offence it has been out to be
NOVEMBER 08, 2009

Bravo's blinder

Hamish Blair: This photo is a good example of the most common way to photograph cricket action, sitting quite straight of the wicket, slightly to the left