NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Done in by darkness

Andrew Hughes: New Zealand search for light but all they get is rain
"Let's finish this in the dressing room" © Associated Press
SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Birmingham in the mizzle

Andrew Hughes: It's pretty rancid, if you'd go by what a former England captain thinks
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

Why are cricket spectators always short-changed?

Andrew Hughes: We are art lovers, not watchers of some back-alley freak show
APRIL 06, 2013

English county season 2013

A Siberian day of no play

Paul Weaver in the Guardian muses over the biting-cold start to the English county season in Hove.

There was everything, in fact, apart from a small tent and the flag of Norway to inform us that Roald Amundsen, Scott's old adversary, had beaten us to it.

MARCH 08, 2013

Dealing with a precipitation cessation

Jack Shantry: Whether putting your feet up for a welcome rest, trying to unpick the Duckworth-Lewis method, or battling boredom and dressing-room banter, rain breaks are an unavoidable fact of a cricketer's life
NOVEMBER 06, 2012

The joys of monsoon cricket

Andrew Hughes: Why stop playing when the heavens open up?
NOVEMBER 30, 2010

A rulebook beyond reason

Aakash Chopra: This is the story of a game that was being touted as an exciting encounter, between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh