OCTOBER 22, 2014

The thing about Australia's superiority to Pakistan

Ahmer Naqvi: The numbers are all in Australia's favour but the fact that they haven't played in Pakistan for 16 years weighs against them
Australia's record in Pakistan has been largely ordinary, save mostly for their standout performance in the 1998 series © Getty Images
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

Don't blame the bowlers for India's sorry record overseas

Sankaran Krishna: Batting collapses, even in friendly conditions, have been the chief cause
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

Pakistan can't handle pressure in ODI deciders

Hassan Cheema: Forget South Africa, it's Pakistan who have tripped up in high-pressure matches for a decade now
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

Cricket trivia

The enormity of compiling A to Z XIs

What's your XI with all names starting with 'F' or 'N' or for that matter, 'Z'? Andy Bull, in the Guardian, discovers that the exercise of compiling alphabetical XIs can be depressing, obsessive and soothing at the same time. (P.S. Do scroll down to the comments section too)

Boycott, Broad. And so it went, night, after night, after night. Not Broad. Brearley. Boycott and Brearley, then Broad. And day, after day, after day. On the bus. During meetings. Watching trailers. Swimming lengths. It became an obsession and, by extension, a curse. Compiling alphabetical XIs is, you see, something of a Sisyphean task, in that by the time you've got to the end of 'W' - you can't wring much mileage out of X, Y, and Z - you've entirely forgotten most of the people you picked for the A side. Butcher, Barrington, some team this. And since you've forgotten, you start all over again, expecting, this time round, that all the names will stick.

AUGUST 27, 2014

Indian cricket

Is India's connection with fans failing?

India, at least in the latter stages, barely played the kind of cricket that would attract crowds during their recent tour of England. As much hold as the sport has in the country, the efforts of the BCCI to control how much the players share with the media and by extension their fans has resulted in a deterioration of their bond with the people, writes Tanya Aldred in the Telegraph.

And yet for what? It means that Indian fans and the cricket-loving public overseas with a romantic soft spot for India no longer feel such affection for their cricketers. Aside from M S Dhoni and poor Virat Kohli, who could not get a run this summer, how many of the current touring side do people know about? Bhuvneshwar Kumar, a bowler from the scissor-factory town of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, who did not even have a pair of cricket boots before his under-17 trial and who as a young man bowled Tendulkar for his first first-class duck in Indian domestic cricket? Cheteshwar Pujara, the teenage triple-century sensation who has tried to make his way in Test cricket the old-fashioned way? Without knowledge, will fans support their side when the going gets tough?

JULY 22, 2014

Are Test batsmen maturing quicker these days?

Michael Jeh: Of late Rahane, Robson, Ballance and Stokes have all made hundreds in their first five Tests. Does that point to a larger trend?
JULY 21, 2014

No home advantage in World Cups

Ahmer Naqvi: A small pool of teams could be an important reason why only one team has lifted the trophy in front of its home crowd
MAY 25, 2014

Is the era of the factory-produced cricketer upon us?

V Ramnarayan: Young aspirants in India today have their futures planned to a t by their parents, coaches and academies. Perhaps the old ways were better
MAY 23, 2014

TV innovations: enhancements or irritants?

Dave Hawksworth: While cricket coverage took a long time to become slick, today you see gimmicks designed to appeal to the casual viewer that only succeed in annoying the rest of us
MAY 08, 2014

Uncapped Indian bowlers finally make presence felt

Shiva Jayaraman: Uncapped Indians have clearly outbowled their international counterparts, halfway into IPL 2014
APRIL 18, 2014

Why India are not cricket's Brazil yet

Samir Chopra: The numbers might be in their favour, but they can neither boast sustained excellence or a distinctive playing style
APRIL 15, 2014

You can't control talent, only channel it

Jon Hotten: Cricket runs the risk of going down the route of over-coaching, like in some other sports - which is not ideal in a game that is as much about art as about science
APRIL 04, 2014

The future of close finishes in limited overs

Samir Chopra: Will last-over chases continue to have the capacity for drama?
MARCH 27, 2014

Things baseball teaches us

Matt Cleary: American sport at the SCG - blasphemy or opportunity to learn?
MARCH 26, 2014

Can bowling line-ups collapse?

Jon Hotten: It's a phenomenon that the T20 game is uniquely geared to produce, as the Ireland-Netherlands clash showed
MARCH 14, 2014

Thinking pink

Russell Jackson: The jury's still out on the pros and cons of lighter-coloured balls and how they may or may not work in day-night Test cricket
JANUARY 19, 2014

What's wrong with being a bully at home?

Hassan Cheema: Asian batsmen only get recognition when they do well in the "foreign" conditions of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. The reverse rarely applies
DECEMBER 10, 2013

This Australia, that England

Matt Davies : If you were to compare the current Australian Test team and its style of play with another, you'd probably go with England's Ashes-winning side of 2005
NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Two more to Pakistan's fast bowling tally

Ahmer Naqvi: It's too early to anoint Bilawal Bhatti and Anwar Ali as the next big things, but it's great to watch them send stumps flying and batsmen hopping
NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Why the new fielding restrictions in ODIs are a good idea

Kartikeya Date: Bowlers who err go for boundaries and bowlers who are consistent challenge batsmen to take risks