FEBRUARY 24, 2015

India v Pakistan across the eras

Kartikeya Date: The two sides' records against each other have had very little to do with their form against the other top teams
The Centurion World Cup game in 2003 broke Pakistan's prolonged spell of superiority over India © Getty Images
FEBRUARY 14, 2015

India v Pakistan, but it's muted this time

Samir Chopra: The build-up to the World Cup clash seems restrained with fans from both sides not feeling particularly bullish about their team's chances
OCTOBER 03, 2014

The joys of India v Pakistan by proxy

Samir Chopra: The presence of Lahore Lions in the Champions League gave us that for a while. More's the pity that they're not pitted against an "Indian" side in the final
MARCH 05, 2014

The contagious madness of Shahid Afridi

Hassan Cheema: He frustrates his fans more often than not, but he is also an addiction, one that pulls at the heartstrings
JANUARY 26, 2014

The art of the chase

Samir Chopra: Over the years, Pakistan have time and again shown they possess the cricketing oomph to hunt down a fourth-innings target
JULY 17, 2013

Pakistan cricket

The Mercurial Mr Afridi

Shahid Afridi marked his return to one-day cricket with the second-best bowling figures in history, to go along with a typically swashbuckling half-century that powered his side to a 126-run victory over West Indies at Providence. Aditya Iyer of the Indian Express, explores the Pakistan allrounder's previous comebacks, most of which had begun with a spectacular performance and nothing of note thereafter.

Again, you were the Man of the Match. Of course you were. In a career where you have been dropped five times, each of the returns have been marked with you being the standout player of the match. You were one of stalwarts from the 2003 World Cup squad to be axed after the loss to India. But when India visited your land in 2004, you were picked for the Rawalpindi ODI. You opened and scored a 58-ball 80 to give Pakistan a 12-run win. But you wouldn't score a total of 80 runs over your next eight innings. And that has been the true story of your comebacks.

JUNE 16, 2013

An anti-religious passion

Paul Ford: The obsession with the game that India and Pakistan fans have is one to envy
JANUARY 05, 2013

Pakistan cricket

Pakistan's camel-winning performance

Of all the rewards players earn for their on-field achievements, cars, bikes and gadgets have all been quite popular, especially in the sub-continent. But a politician in Pakistan has announced an ingenious reward that may not help the players to zoom on tarmac, but would surely help them traverse deserts.

Haji Ali Madad Jattak, the provincial minister of food in Balochistan province, has announced - not a fuel guzzling 4x4, but - a camel for each player as a special gift following Pakistan's ODI series win in India. Camels are considered noble in the western province of Pakistan and they could be worth as much as Rs. 4 lakh (upto $4100 approx) each.

Now, who doesn't want to see cricketers going for a celebratory lap on four wheels legs?

DECEMBER 22, 2012

Two nations better than one?

Samir Chopra: One recurring fantasy of the Indian cricket fan is to speculate about a combined India-Pakistan team
JULY 19, 2012

Cricket: A potent tool of diplomacy

Syed Ali Zia Jaffery: Whatever strides have been made for achieving thaws have been espoused by the love for cricket across the international border between India and Pakistan
AUGUST 16, 2011

Survival of the fittest

Kamran Abbasi: In a week famous for sixty-fourth anniversaries, India and Pakistan might wish to reflect on the fruits of those intervening years of toil on the cricket field
MARCH 29, 2011

Who will seize the day?

Kamran Abbasi: When twenty-two men face off in the Punjab, hundreds of millions of Indians and Pakistanis around the world will turn their attention to a sport born in England
APRIL 23, 2006

Cat and Mouse Games & Growing Up

ESPNcricinfo staff: India and Pakistan are playing cricket
MARCH 30, 2006

Learn from thy neighbours...

ESPNcricinfo staff: I am quite an Afridi with the 'remote' in hand, checking out on every channel once every 15 minutes so as not to miss out on this great movie or that NatGeo / Discovery program or a cricket match that suddenly turned into a thrill-a-minute affair
FEBRUARY 14, 2006

A bird's eye view of the Lahore ODI

ESPNcricinfo staff: What better advertisement for Indo-Pak cricket than a thrilling one-day match at a major venue
FEBRUARY 11, 2006

On S Sreesanth and Suresh Raina

ESPNcricinfo staff: A striking feature of India's cricket this season is the difference between the look of the team in one-day cricket and that in Tests
FEBRUARY 10, 2006

An Argumentum Ad Hominem

ESPNcricinfo staff: To me, it appears that the Indian team was desperate to win the game by hook or by crook, no matter even it came at the expense of the norms of this sport known as the gentleman's game.
FEBRUARY 04, 2006

The perils of procrastination

ESPNcricinfo staff:
JANUARY 30, 2006

Overheard at the team hotel

ESPNcricinfo staff: Date & Time: 29th Jan 2006, 8 pm PST Location: Inside an elevator of the team hotel at Karachi
JANUARY 15, 2006

The Self-Image of Pakistan's Pace Bowling

ESPNcricinfo staff: This wasn't entirely unexpected