AUGUST 27, 2014

All hail the new, macho Fawad Alam

Ahmer Naqvi: He had phenomenal numbers before he sprouted luxuriant facial hair, but it seems Pakistanis have started to take him seriously only now
Fawad Alam: alpha male © AFP
MAY 01, 2013

Pakistan cricket's style problem

Andrew Hughes: Wasim Akram has employed a stylist to advise youngsters on presentation. We beg you, Wasim, stop
APRIL 12, 2013

Cricket's greatest bearded XI

Matt Cleary: And so, for no reason, cricket's greatest beard XI
MARCH 06, 2013

Australia tour of India 2012-13

Aussies fail Merv's 'tache test

No use blaming the batsmen, the pitches, or the lack of spinners. Former Australia fast bowler Merv Hughes, instantly recognisable in his playing days by his handlebar moustache, has said what Australia lack on the tour of India is not skill, determination or a magic wand, but 'facial hair'.  

Currently in India with a touring party for the Test series, Hughes said, "I feel facial hair brings the best out of the players. I would like to see the guys with moustaches, beards, goatees, half-beards and half-shaved heads."

Hughes also had another, practical, reason for his suggestion. "When the Australians come to the subcontinent, a lot of the guys grow beards to protect their face from the sun. It is not just a fashion statement.

"When I played, a lot of people had moustaches - David Boon and Graham Gooch both had lovely moustaches."

Interestingly, neither Gooch nor Boon were a part of a series win in India and - Hughes never played a Test in India.

DECEMBER 22, 2005

The Official TAFHCA Select 2005 Bad Hair XI: Out now

ESPNcricinfo staff: The New Year’s on the horizon now