JANUARY 24, 2015

A different ball, a different result

Anantha Narayanan: A look at the closest matches in Test history, and a Bradman surprise
The Adelaide Test in 1992-93, which West Indies won by a run, is possibly one of the greatest Tests of all time © Getty Images
JANUARY 10, 2015

A baker's dozen of 2014 vignettes and stars

Anantha Narayanan: The best of 2014, and yet another Bradman surprise
DECEMBER 21, 2014

Bowling to blame for India's poor overseas record

Kartikeya Date: The inability to build pressure by denying runs, even on pitches with sufficient help to keep batsmen honest, is India's biggest problem
DECEMBER 13, 2014

More numbers, from readers

Anantha Narayanan: Another dose of random numbers - this time from readers. Also: a tribute to Phillip Hughes, and the now-customary Bradman surprise.
DECEMBER 10, 2014

Pakistan's ODI batting a decade behind the rest

Hassan Cheema: The return to tried-and-tested underperformers for the World Cup squad will undo all the good work done over the last 14 months
NOVEMBER 29, 2014

Player Ball Difference: An interesting new concept

Anantha Narayanan: A look at the fastest and the slowest innings in cricket using a new concept - Ball Difference. And, yet another Bradman surprise
NOVEMBER 17, 2014

An irreverent look at cricket numbers

Anantha Narayanan: A 100 random numbers that tell stories - loads of fun in store. Plus, another Bradman surprise
NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Pakistan's favourite whipping boys

Hassan Cheema: Even when they were at their worst, Pakistan had no trouble beating New Zealand
NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Does the follow-on work in its current form?

Kartikeya Date: A team with a lead of any size should have the option of enforcing the follow-on in the third innings of a Test, boosting their chance of taking 20 wickets
NOVEMBER 09, 2014

How will future historians judge modern numbers?

Jonathan Wilson: Will they think there's something odd about a bowler getting a batsman out one too many times?
OCTOBER 27, 2014

A comparison of the Fletcher and Flower eras

Kartikeya Date: Though both coaches had more wins than losses, Fletcher's team competed better against top-quality opposition and were more dominant at home
OCTOBER 11, 2014

ODI overs analysis using ball-by-ball data: Part 1

Anantha Narayanan: An analysis using ball-by-ball data to identify scoring and wicket-taking patterns through the 50-over innings in ODIs
SEPTEMBER 21, 2014

A method to rate the dominance of Test teams

Kartikeya Date: Taking into account margin of victory and draws, while eliminating arbitrary decay in setting cut-off limits
SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Dynamic Test team performance analysis

Anantha Narayanan: An analysis using a comprehensive methodology that identifies the best teams and their dominant periods in Test history
SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

What the Indian calendar is doing to its bowlers

Kartikeya Date: R Ashwin and Ishant Sharma's lack of first-class experience and consequent decline in skills speak volumes about the BCCI's skewed priorities
SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

Pakistan can't handle pressure in ODI deciders

Hassan Cheema: Forget South Africa, it's Pakistan who have tripped up in high-pressure matches for a decade now
AUGUST 20, 2014

Performance and result analysis of Test teams

Anantha Narayanan: A look at Test teams across the years, measuring the peaks of each team, and the highest peak across teams
AUGUST 19, 2014

Younis Khan: unsung and endearing

Hassan Cheema: Despite being part of a dysfunctional set-up, he has managed to get the best out of himself and players partnering him
AUGUST 16, 2014

Are slow over-rates really a problem?

Kartikeya Date: Time should be considered wasted only when a bowling side tries to slow the game down for its own benefit
AUGUST 09, 2014

Peer analysis of Test teams: Part 1

Anantha Narayanan: A look at the best and the worst Test teams of different eras