JULY 15, 2014

Dull match, lovely stats

Andy Zaltzman: So what if Trent Bridge was a snoozefest? We've got all these numbers, haven't we?
They did it for the love of stats © Getty Images
JUNE 22, 2014

Match-by-match analysis of control data

Kartikeya Date: How much would individual batsmen score if they batted all 20 overs by themselves, and how frequently would they be in control?
JUNE 14, 2014

Consistency of Test batsmen - Part 1

Anantha Narayanan: Which batsmen have been the most consistent in Test cricket?
JUNE 10, 2014

Mining control statistics

Kartikeya Date: What can data based on the control batsmen have over their shots tell you about innings and results?
MAY 29, 2014

The calculus of the batting average

Kartikeya Date: The batting average is a misleading indicator. How about a scale that is more representative of batting performance?
MAY 17, 2014

Six & not out: the IPL's best finishers

Bishen Jeswant: How MS Dhoni and AB de Villiers' IPL numbers stack up to show they are the best in finishing business
MAY 14, 2014

The time and space of T20 cricket

Kartikeya Date: Insisting that T20 is simply ODI cricket minus the boring middle overs is disingenuous
MAY 12, 2014

Sehwag finds runs but searching for swiftness

Shiva Jayaraman: Virender Sehwag has his first fifty of IPL 2014, and while his numbers compare favourably with his Indian counterparts in the tournament, he has not scored as quickly as he has done previously
MAY 12, 2014

The all-round doubles

Bishen Jeswant: A look back on the players who have scored 40+ runs and taken four wickets or more in the same game, in the IPL
MAY 08, 2014

Uncapped Indian bowlers finally make presence felt

Shiva Jayaraman: Uncapped Indians have clearly outbowled their international counterparts, halfway into IPL 2014
MAY 06, 2014

The Curiously Disappointing in a Particular Batting Position Test XI

Andy Zaltzman: Otherwise good batsmen who had unaccountable dips in form when they moved to a different spot in the batting order
APRIL 30, 2014

Super Kings: squeezing the best out of the best

Bishen Jeswant: A look at how Chennai Super Kings' overseas players have added immense value to the team
APRIL 29, 2014

Are T20s more exciting than ODIs?

Kartikeya Date: There may be more last-over finishes but weak teams win T20 games more often than they do ODIs
APRIL 26, 2014

Chalk and cheese in the same ODI innings

Anantha Narayanan: Instances of huge contrasts between batting strike rates or bowling economy rates within the same ODI innings
APRIL 16, 2014

A measure for batting and bowling effectiveness in T20

Kartikeya Date: Strike rates and economy rates do not quite tell the whole story. Introducing a new, two-dimensional method of assessing players in T20
APRIL 12, 2014

Team performance analysis in T20 internationals

Anantha Narayanan: Who defends well and who chases a target better?
MARCH 24, 2014

Why T20 is a disfigured caricature of cricket

Kartikeya Date: Scaling the contest down to 20 overs without changing the rules only leads to a grotesque imbalance between bat and ball
MARCH 15, 2014

Test top-score analysis: Bradman and Lara dominate

Anantha Narayanan: An analysis that identifies the most dominant innings by batsmen in Tests, in the context of contributions by other batsmen to the team score
MARCH 08, 2014

Forgotten Test innings: Readers' XV

Anantha Narayanan: A look at readers' choice of 15 forgotten but impactful innings in Tests
MARCH 01, 2014

Running the rule over modern English batsmen

Kartikeya Date: Why Atherton, Thorpe and other batsmen from the 1980s and 1990s were no worse than the current crop