Corruption in cricket

Full coverage of the ACSU's Lou Vincent investigation

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In December last year, former New Zealand cricketer Lou Vincent admitted his participation in an investigation by the ICC's anti-corruption and security unit probing incidents of alleged match-fixing in cricket. Since then, reports have emerged of Vincent's statements to the ICC's investigators that suggest 'widespread fixing' in cricket and corruption in various domestic leagues. The probe comes when the ICC is reviewing the role of the ACSU as an independent watchdog of the game, with proposals at recent ICC meetings suggesting the anti-corruption unit could be brought under the control of India, Australia and England


July 4
News - Vincent ban too harsh - NZPA chief

July 2
News - 'I couldn't say no' - Vincent

July 1
News - Vincent banned for life by ECB
News - 'I am a cheat' - Lou Vincent
News - Full text of Lou Vincent's statement
Video - 'Vincent is facing a tough couple of months' - Broad
Video - 'Education key to protecting young players from fixing' - Shastri
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May 30
News - Cairns takes aim at accusers

May 24
News - 'No deal whatsoever' with ICC, says Vincent's lawyer
Interview - Ronnie Flanagan: 'ACSU's independence will be maintained in any review'
News - Cairns travelling to London for police interview

May 23
News - Vincent to face CLT20 charges
News - Vincent expects more corruption charges
News - ACSU chief: No probe into tainted CB40 game was shut down
Mark Nicholas - Players must police their game

May 22
News - McCullum confident in ICC despite leak
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News - Who is Naved Arif?

May 21
News - McCullum has acted 'quite properly' - ICC
News - 'Follow England's lead on anti-corruption'
News - 'We take corruption personally' - Clarke, Harris

May 20
News - Cairns denies corruption allegations
Andy Zaltzman - Oi crooks, go corrupt something else
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May 19
News - McCullum testified, not under investigation: NZC
Paul Ford - I feel sad for cricket
Video - Iain O'Brien: I wanted Vincent to come clean
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May 18
News - Former NZC chief feared corruption in ICL
Daniel Brettig - Empower the ACSU to clean up T20
Ian Chappell - Cricket has a history of being blind to corruption

May 16
News - County matches under investigation: reports
News - Bell wants more vigilance at televised county games
News - Independent anti-corruption body vital - FICA
Video - 'Those who worked with Vincent are very nervous'

May 15
News - Vincent gives information on 'widespread fixing': reports

May 7
News - ICC anti-corruption unit under review

April 5
News - Cairns says he met with UK police team

February 27
News - Lou Vincent admits bookie approach


December 4
News - Vincent confirms ACSU involvement
Video - New Zealand Cricket addresses ACSU match-fixing probe