Request for six-day Tests also on the cards at ICC meeting June 27, 2006

Pakistan oppose new appeals system

Cricinfo staff

Shaharyar Khan has his agenda worked out when the ICC meets to discuss new innovations © Getty Images

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that it will oppose the ICC's proposal to allow teams to appeal against decisions made by the on-field umpires during the annual ICC meeting in London on July 2.

The ICC's cricket committee made a recommendation last month that both teams be allowed three appeals to the third umpire if they feel there is doubt about a decision of the on-field umpires. If approved, it would be tried out on an experimental basis in the Champions Trophy in India in October.

But the PCB, after conducting their own survey, fear that such an innovation could have a negative impact on the Spirit of Cricket.

"We are opposed to this proposal and we will put across our point of view strongly to the ICC," Shaharyar Khan, PCB chairman, told Reuters. "We conducted a survey of 35 of our players and umpires and 33 of them are opposed to this law. They feel it will undermine the spirit of the game and the umpire's authority even if it is experimented with in the Champions Trophy."

Incidentally, Javed Miandad has also voiced a similar opinion on the issue, saying that it would make a mockery of the game.

Meanwhile, Shaharyar also told Reuters that they intend to push for six-day Tests during the winter season for matches held in Punjab. The proposal is meant to compensate for time lost due to bad light mostly to fog during the season in that region. Play was lost on a daily basis in Faisalabad and Lahore when Pakistan hosted England and India last winter and the PCB made a request to extend play by a day, which was initially rejected.

"The ICC rejected our earlier request but we have not given up and we think we might get a chance to go for bilateral arrangements," he said. "If the ICC does not allow six-day tests nor floodlights then they must come up with a viable solution because this is a real problem for us in winter."