Taylor and Stewart agree end to overtime Tests (30 December 1998)

30 December 1998

Taylor and Stewart agree end to overtime Tests


MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec 30 (AFP) - Opposing captains Mark Taylor and Alec Stewart say they don't want a repeat of Tuesday's marathon final day of the fourth Ashes Test here.

The two skippers called Wednesday on the International Cricket Council to review the rules after the fourth day spilled over eight hours at Melbourne Cricket Ground, including a near four-hour unbroken final session.

Monday's third day also stretched from 10.30 a.m. until 7.21 p.m. to make up time lost to rain and England's slow over-rate.

The situation was exacerbated late Tuesday when Australia chose to play an extra half hour, believing a result was imminent.

However, Stewart wanted to take England from the field saying the extra 30 minutes would have resulted in a four hour final session for his bowlers which he claimed was unfair.

"Imagine if it had been in Adelaide on that 42 (Celsius) degree day we had over there, that wouldn't be too clever," he said Wednesday. "Commonsense should come into it."

In the end the decision by Australia to continue backfired as England roared to victory, claiming the last three wickets to pull off an exhilarating 12-run result.

"Obviously, we accepted it and I don't blame Steve Waugh for staying on but I'm sure it will be looked at by the ICC, things like when the breaks are and how the long sessions should be," Stewart said.

Taylor agreed saying: "Something needs to be looked at there." "There are some long days out there," he said. "I know the object of the rules is to get as much cricket played as possible but I think you've got to draw the line somewhere otherwise you'll end up starting at nine o'clock in the morning and finishing at nine o'clock at night which is too long to play."