June 30, 1999

Young Blood in the Gauteng Squad

Caryn Snashall

The team for the upcoming season will include some fresh blood from the younger leagues. With young Gauteng players such as David Tebrugge having success at international level there are plenty coming up hoping to follow his trail into the upper leagues of cricket.

The rising star, Walter Masimula has made an impression over the last few seasons, attending a coaching clinic in Australia and playing for a season in Ireland. He has been signed as one of Gauteng's contracted players for the upcoming season. Walter made history last season on his debut against Border, when he became the first black to represent Gauteng. On this occasion he bowled a 1/21 off 8 overs and continued to play in two Supersport matches last season. We should be seeing more of this promising cricketer in the months that lie ahead.

Another young blood in the team is Ryan Sierra, who made his debut in the Gauteng Invitiation XI against the Nottinghampshire touring team at the end of last season. Ryan has been selected for the Gauteng Colts since '96 and will doubtless enjoy the challenge of moving up into the Gauteng team. Working his way up through the Coca Cola weeks, as well as U19 schools, Ryan has worked hard to get where he is and we all hope that the season ahead is filled with some lively cricket.

Dylan Jennings, a promising wicketkeeper has been included in the team. He boasts a record of winning the League Wicketkeeper of the Year trophy, two years in succession. He was responsible for an astounding 44 dismissals in the Premier league last year. Dylan is attending the Plascon Academy this off-season along with some other up and coming local lads.

Renato Almeida is another of the promising cricketers making their transition into 1st Class cricket. His debut against Border came last season where he took 2/46 on debut! Renato is a right arm fast bowler who boasts the lively nickname of Tequila! If this is anything to go by, the next seaon will be an eventful one.

With a team filled with such young talent it will be no surprise if Gauteng proves that they are a force to be reckoned with in the next few seasons! Along with a new captain, Clive Eksteen, this season will mark changes in many lives as these talented cricketers explore their skills.