Tsunami appeal matches June 9, 2005

MCC slams selling tickets for profit

Cricinfo staff

MCC has slammed people who are trying to make a personal profit by putting tickets for next Tuesday's tsumani fund-raising match at Lord's, between an MCC XI and an International XI, on internet auction sites such as eBay.

MCC secretary and chief executive, Roger Knight, said: "Next Tuesday, 22 of the world's top cricketers, from eight Test-playing countries, will be converging on Lord's with the common aim of raising as much money as possible to help victims of the tsunami disaster.

"It is appalling that - in sharp contrast - a small minority of people are treating this important fund-raising event as an opportunity to line their own pockets. MCC is doing its utmost to track down as many of these individuals as possible. We will then take the strongest possible action against them."

MCC is urging members of the public not to buy any tickets offered for sale in this way. MCC has also said that it has identified the members who have put their Ashes tickets up for sale and Knight has said they will be taking the appropriate action against them.

Anyone who wishes to watch the match on Tuesday can still do so by buying tickets direct from MCC - either by 'phone (020 7432 1000) or on-line at www.lords.org. All proceeds from these tickets - which cost £30 for adults, and £10 for children - will go straight into the tsunami appeal fund.