Former coach won't make the first move November 12, 2007

Fletcher: Flintoff should ring me first

Cricinfo staff

Duncan Fletcher says Andrew Flintoff could still be captain © Getty Images

Duncan Fletcher says he is happy to speak to Andrew Flintoff, but will not be the first one to pick up the phone. In his controversial autobiography, Fletcher has said that he felt let down by Flintoff's behaviour as England captain, comments which have hurt Flintoff, according to his father Colin.

Fletcher, though remains unrepentant about his comments, saying that loyalty is a two-way street and in his latest interview, this time for the BBC, he said Flintoff must call him. "I think it is important that Andrew rings me.

"If Andrew phones me we will have a discussion and clear the air, put both sides of the story across. There are certain things that I can't disclose. It would be important that he phones me."

Fletcher added that Flintoff should still have the chance to captain his country once more. "I don't think there is any reason why it should be held against him," he said. "There are a lot of factors at picking a captain. If a situation arises where there is no one else then you have got to really look at Andrew.

"He needs some experience. He is a very inexperienced captain in cricket, let alone Test cricket. But as long as he has learned from his mistakes, why hold it against him?"