Caption Competition July 27, 2007

Graeme Smith and his Harley

Cricinfo staff

It's high time we had another caption competition and, fortunately for us (and you), Graeme Smith was spotted on the back of a Harley-Davidson. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you to be really very funny indeed (and give you a chance to win a prize). So what is Smith really thinking?

The best three will receive a copy of Harry Thompson's Penguins Stopped Play and Lawrence Booth's Arm-ball to Zooter, both cracking reads.

Entries should be sent in to and must include your name, postal address, email address - oh, and your witty offering too of course. Bonus points for those who Photoshop their entries with speech bubbles to save us the bother...

Get to it. Be witty.

Competition closes Monday July 30